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iPhone X Repairing Guide

iPhone X Repairing Guide - MyTrendingStories

Jun 18, 2020, 12:57:16 AM Tech and Science

Apple revolutionized the entire outlook of the smartphone industry when it released iPhone X in the markets back in 2017. This was the first phone in the Apple’s flagship range to unveil a stunning OLED display while discarding the Apple’s iconic home screen button – no wonder iPhone X seized the tech markets by storm. And with the array of interesting features and improvements this new iPhone model came out with, the hype was truly real. However, many users were left disappointed with Apple’s iPhone X as they came forward with a number of complaints and issues with the device soon after buying it.

This dissatisfaction is justified especially given that you have to spend quite a fortune to get hands on an iPhone model but it turns out not to be as perfect as it was advertised to be. But let's get real – did you actually believe that the gorgeous display of your iPhone X won't crack upon falling on the floor or the battery would last for a lifetime?

The truth is that iPhone X is also prone to faults and damages just like every other technological device regardless of its price. However, an iPhone X repair cost is much higher than most other cell phones in the market, which is something you should definitely consider if you want to buy an iPhone X. With that being said, what should you do if you have an iPhone X at hand and are facing issues with it? Keep on reading to find out.

iPhone X Repair Options

You essentially have two options at hand when it comes to having your iPhone repaired, either taking it to an official Apple store or a third-party repairing service. But let's get one thing clear: going for an iPhone repair is not cheap regardless of where you take it for repair.

Taking your damaged device to an official Apple store ensures that your issues are dealt with professionally so that your iPhone can return to the best condition. This can be more costly as compared to a third-party repairing shop but comes at the expense of the quality of service. While an Apple certified repairing service will use original replacement parts and follow the right procedures to repair your iPhone X, a third-party service may use low quality parts without any guarantee of returning your device in the working order. For this reason, you need to carefully choose who you can trust your beloved iPhone with for all its repairing needs.

Screen Repairing of iPhone X

iPhone X was the first-ever phone by Apple to come with a 5.8-inch innovative organic LED display, setting new trends for others to follow in the industry. Although Apple widely advertised its display to be super strong, many users have reported the LCD screen to crack and break in case of falls and high impact situations. This is because the screen of your iPhone has to face the direct impact and so it will definitely break if the force exerted on it is above its strength. So, in such a situation, you would need to have the screen replaced to ensure that the underlying components don't get damaged and you can use your phone normally. As a precautionary measure, you can use a screen protector to decrease the chances of shattering your screen if your phone falls.

Moreover, issues such as screen freezing, image persistence, and appearance of colored lines have also been reported by many iPhone X users. These can get really frustrating for the users and if you have been facing similar problems, we recommend that you take your phone to a repair service so that they can look into the root cause of the problem and rectify it.

iPhone X Battery Repair

The second most common concern of iPhone X users relates to the battery, especially pertaining to its life and capacity. In fact, Apple has been receiving battery-related complaints long before the launch of iPhone X and it has put in extra effort to minimize these issues in its products. Nonetheless, battery life, performance, and capacity still remain a major concern for most iPhone users.

The batteries used in iPhone X are based on the latest lithium-ion technology. These batteries have a higher energy density so they can store more charge in a smaller size but like every other battery technology, lithium-ion batteries also degrade with use so you would eventually need to have it replaced. You can, however, increase the battery life and ensure that its capacity lasts longer by following good usage practices. This includes limiting your background app activity charging your device smartly.

Other than these, people have also reported issues in the camera, Face ID recognition, and speakers amongst other things. These can be due to a software or hardware fault so we recommend that you take your device to a repairing service and let them troubleshoot and fix the problems in your iPhone X.

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