Spilt liquids on your Mac? Here’s what you should do

Spilt liquids on your Mac? Here’s what you should do

Aug 10, 2019, 1:29:40 AM Tech and Science

It is daytime, you are sipping on coffee while working on your Macbook pro and a slight jerk to your hand pours it all over the laptop. Soaking wet! For most of us, it is often the end of the journey of our laptops but it wouldn’t be if you knew what to do in such a case.

There are many ways through which you can protect your Macbook from getting damaged severely by spilt liquids. The intensity of the damage also sometimes depends upon the type of liquid spilt. If it is a glass of water, you might as well not have to worry much, but it is some kind of hot liquid or say tea, then you must take a few preventive steps immediately in order to not let your laptop breathe its last or else bring it to the notice of your nearest Macbook Pro repair in Bangalore.


Follow these steps in order to provide first-aid to your Macbook pro:


Make sure you have stopped the liquid from pouring on your laptop. Lift your laptop from the spot and place it at a dry place. Also, one of the most important tasks is to disconnect your Mac from the power source if it is plugged in. Beware of electric shocks, try using a plastic stick or pencil to shut it down immediately.
The next most urgent step in order to dry the laptop would be to turn it upside down and let the spillage come out of all the places. You might have to keep it in that position for a little longer but make sure all the apparent liquid has gone off.
Next up, take an absorbent cloth and dab it over your laptop just as you would over yourself and make sure it absorbs the liquid from all crevices. You can make use of a toothpick along with cotton balls to soak the spillage.
Recheck for any spillage and if it still persists, try using a hairdryer in order to vaporise the spillage. This works like magic in certain cases.
Some of the alternate steps would be the ever-so-common rice trick or silica packets. These tricks often absorb excess moisture and help dry the device.

After some time, try turning the Macbook on, if it does, congratulations, your efforts have borne fruit. You might as well get back to work with pride. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t start up, take your Macbook Pro for repair to a reliable service provider and get it fixed. 

Don’t forget to always keep your data backed up. This keeps you prepared for any such situation. You can also visit Gadset for Macbook Pro repair in Bangalore. Check out their website for more information and a guide to a quick and easy process.

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