Your Guide to Concrete Paving the Way Home

Your Guide to Concrete Paving the Way Home

Aug 22, 2019, 1:57:57 PM Life and Styles

Natural landscape, aka gravel, works just fine for your driveway, your garden, your backyard, your everything outdoor. But every time your car is entering the garage, you will wake a storm of dust that follows you into your house, not to mention the rough surface that your bare feet will walk on in the backyard.

Most people would consider concrete pavers. Not only are they inexpensive, but also come with numerous styles and options to fit every part of your house. Whether to revamp your house or to make it more exquisite, good concrete paving helps to make your place a touch nicer.

There is nothing wrong with good old brick paving. Just as you would see it on the streets, the status of brick paving is essentially irreplaceable, and almost impeccable to use as well. Brick paving lasts longer and require less maintenance for busy streets and is also easier for underground works without the need to slice a piece off the paving. Despite being around 15-20% more expensive, it has been the most used material for councils on public roads.

That said, personally, I would not pave my front yard with bricks, not for my clients. Not only does it make my yard looks just like the street, the typical colour of bricks (yes, the dark red) will not fit most houses, especially those with at least some design.

Because of the less wear-and-tear of private roads and for better aesthetics, I love to recommend concrete pavers for my clients. Despite the need to seal and less durability, concrete pavers are a good addition to any house for enhance its presentation. You can go through the pros and cons of brick and concrete pavers, but I will be choosing concrete pavers any time of the day.

Alrighty, ready to choose some concrete pavers? There is a massive range of concrete pavers available on the market today. So, here’s your break down for all the styles one by one.

Euro Classic/Slate/Stone: The Euro range is not too fancy but offers a clean look for general applications including your yard, patio and stepping stones. They offer a flat surface for your weekend barbeque or your inflatable swimming pool while being easy to clean. The earthy colours like sand or dark grey fit almost every style as an inexpensive option to upgrade your home. The “slate” adds texture onto the paving for a classier aesthetic, while the “stone” mimics (you guessed it) stone. The extra friction from the texture also makes it suitable for poolside and driveways.

Boulevard: This paving is exceptionally well in offering spacious feeling with its pressed smooth finish. The bevelled edges add a designer look to the paving for courtyards, garden paths and patios.

Flagpave/Havenpave/Havenslab/Havenbrick: These ranges from Adbri Mansonry are neat and simple for DIY projects. While flagpave are more budget-focused, all products are light weight but contemporary for stylish houses. The smooth surface is optimal for footpaths and patios. The havenbrick collection takes the traditional brick paving above with earthy colour while maintaining the traditional timeless look of bricks.

Stradapave/Quadro: These two ranges feature modern styling with easy installation. The four-edge bevels enhance the general aesthetic while also being slip resistant. Both ranges can be used for courtyards and paths while the thicker variant of Stradapave can be used for driveways as well.

Earth range/Grove range: These two ranges throwback to brick paving while offering the quality and look of concrete paving. Fitting to outdoor themes, these pavers offer the smooth surface of concrete paving with varying colour options. The Grove range adds customisation with worn-out look out of the box for rustic designs.

Turfgrid: The Turfgrid is exceptional for land stabilisation to control soil erosion. The durability and permeability of the paving makes it highly versatile for applications including agricultural uses like cattle troughs and barns. It can also be used for driveways.

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