Time to Celebrate Halloween Night with These Best Halloween Attractions

Time to Celebrate Halloween Night with These Best Halloween Attractions

Oct 17, 2017, 9:34:53 PM Viral

The world is scary- Scary to the depth and breadth.

‘Yep, it is.’ You respond.

You sure haven’t experienced the true spine-tingling dark world, have you?

One hint- It’s scarier than this daunting so-called civilized world.

Well, I am talking about the upcoming festival that has been creating a buzz around the world for a long time- the Halloween.

Talking about the dark world, it’s actually the attractions that proffer a terrifying Halloween experience.

And, in case you happen to plan a visit to such dark places, allowing these Halloween night attractions to take you away into the lap of terror isn’t a bad choice.

Well, of course, if you find airy-fairy Halloween house scary, these places aren’t your bid.

The ScareHouse

For the best experience of your life and to change the way you look at Halloween holidays, visit the ScareHouse.    

The ScareHouse, with four different daunts, reflects the 1930s secret societies- Zombies, Demonic Christian ghouls- ensuring that you don’t come out of it with your sanity intact.

Not so scary? Well, then there comes the R-rated horrors that await you in The Basement. I wonder if you’ll come out of that small dark room without being terrified and electrocuted.

If you’ve made up your mind for The ScareHouse, it’s at  7340 Butler Street, Pittsburgh PA 15206.

House of Shock

Located at 319 Butterworth in Jefferson, Louisiana, House of Shock has been terrifying people for 22 years and it will be the last time it will be doing so on this Halloween.

The party at House of shock starts with a pyrotechnic stage to show the battle between good and evil.

Well, that’s not it.

And then the terror-stricken journey starts with the demented horror of the graveyard, funeral parlor, morgue, and finally ending with the notorious church Satan.

It’s open through 30 Sep to 31 Oct every Friday and Saturday as well as on Oct 23th, 27th, 30th, and 31st of this year.

Just be aware of the wandering ghouls.


Just like every fairytale needs a good-old-fashioned villain, Frightland is that villain.

The Delaware farm that hosts the Frightland has an untold story to tell. And believe me, it’s gonna scare the shit out of you to even think of visiting this Frighten-land on the Halloween night.

Facts have it that Dr. Thaddeus Idalia, after his daughter’s suicide, became so mentally unbalanced that he started experimenting on people, and eventually taking the farm into madness.

And the fun part at Frightland?

Well, there is a hayride that takes you into the Frightland forest from where you walk through the Ravenwood Cemetery, and that’s when you wanna beg for mercy.

The Frightland is located at  309 Port Penn Road, Middletown, DE 19709 and open from September to 4th November. Happy Halloween!



You can visit Thrillvania in between October 6 and November 4. It’s located at Interstate 20 and Wilson Road in Terrell, Texas 75161, 33 miles east of Dallas.

Don’t you wanna know about Thrillvania before visiting here on Halloween? I bet you do.

Infused with movie-like special effects, including pyrotechnics and animatronics, Thrillvania was created by Lance pope and it’s spread across almost 50 acres.

There are four attractions in Thrillvania that tell the story of Baron Verdun, a werewolf, and his vampire lover, Lady Cassandra.

Every year, Thrillvania attracts 25,000 people during Halloween across the USA.


Halloween Horror Night

Well, this one goes far beyond imagination.

Halloween Horror Night at Universal Orlando, Florida,  is opened from Sep 15 to Nov 4.

If you are a true horror fan and visiting Halloween house is not your thing, Halloween Horror Night is for you.

Acquiring the rights to some of the most terrifying characters in Horror, the Horror night showcases the alien vs predator attraction- Michael Myers and many other iconic horror characters.

And wanna know the best part?

Well, there’s the dollhouse of the damned, giggle and gores and the Roanoke-Cannibal Colony. And Scare zones, oh well, beware of those.



Well, these top Halloween attractions are what travelers these days should head to.

And you know how to find places to travel around the world, right?

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