7 tips to be a good teammate at the escape game

7 tips to be a good teammate at the escape game

Feb 6, 2019, 4:16:43 PM Life and Styles

Usually, the escape games are presented in a linear way, which means that the game has to be solved step by step. In these games, there are usually no direct ways to escape. It is about solving a succession of puzzles that bring you closer to the final solution.

The escape games are a really fun challenge and the best thing is to try to overcome each other. If you work as a team, you will get out in less time and without being overwhelmed, but there are some tricks to be more effective. We bring you some tips to become a good teammate at the escape game.

1. Organization

Speak from the beginning and once you visualize the room, divide the zones. Each person must know at all times what to do. The first moments are searching and you know, every time something is found it is left in one place all together. In this way, it will cost you much less to establish relationships and you will see what other people have found.

2. Communicate

This is the most typical, but also the most useful. Speak in an orderly and turn-taking manner. If you do not have anything good to say, nothing happens, you can be quiet for a while.

Each time something is found, the group is informed: "Boys, a rare piece". "Well, save it here." In this way, each one is following what is happening in the game. Speak out loud!

3. Do not stagnate

It is not worth wasting time on something that we can not get alone. In that case, you can choose one of the two options that follow.

4. Change Roles

What you did not find or understand in one area of the escape room, may be seen by another. Even one who does not seem so smart may be inspired that day.

5. Ask for help

When you have searched a hundred times in the same place without finding anything, you do not need to follow; sure there is one that you can help.

6. Union

Before the difficult questions that arise when gathering some clues, better stop a second and think the answers among all. It will be much faster, even if you think you are a bit short, do not look like crazy, this is an important step, let's think together.

7. Maximum concentration

You have to be attentive to every detail during the hour that you will be locked in. Have a cup of coffee or an energy drink before entering the scape room to avoid falling asleep.

Although these may seem like very obvious advice, they are not for those who have never played. However, if you are willing to overcome the challenge and want to try the escape games, get in touch with us. If you are daring and want to play now, you can enter here and reserve your room in less than 2 minutes. We wait for you!

Published by Erika Rhea

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