Choosing the services of a locksmith New York, NY

Choosing the services of a locksmith New York, NY

Apr 5, 2019, 1:28:48 PM Life and Styles

Whether you need a re-keying service done, need some upgraded locks installed or got a malfunctioning transponder chip it is important to see to these troubles as soon as you can.  Don’t delay and leave your home, business or car vulnerable to criminals. Call Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York, NY today!

Choosing a padlock

When it comes time to choose a padlock there are so many options out there to choose from.  There are different body sizes, combo operation, different material padlocks and even weatherproofing ones.  Homeowners and business owners can have padlocks installed on many different locks from the shed to the garage to even the chook pen to keep your animals safe.  If you need additional keys simply call Eddie and Sons Locksmith to get some keys copied and even get the same key for the different locks, so you don’t need to carry around twenty different keys, how simple!

Do you need a replacement key or lock for your filing cabinet?

Yes, that’s right locksmiths can even work on filing cabinets. Files need to be kept confidential and secure not to mention organized.  The best way to do this is with a filing cabinet.  With a variety of people using the keys, they can sometimes get lost and then everything is useless from accessing the files to using a different key. Contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York, NY who can create a new key that will be able to open the lock.  A locksmith doesn’t need to visit the location as long as you give them the code that is on the cylinder.  There is no call out fees just the fee to get the keys copied.  You can get the keys mailed to you or pick up in store whichever is more convenient for you.  If you are missing the code or cannot read it no worries our radio-dispatched call will go to the available locksmith who will visit the premises and explain your options. If you are wanting to get a whole new lock replacement that can also be organized with just a phone call to the team.

Get back to your business quickly

Business owners get frustrated when they suffer a lockout or a break in. Depending on what has happened it can affect the profits and damage the brand. You will most likely have angry customers slashing your business name all over social media. If something like this has happened to your business contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York, NY who can offer break-in repairs and new lock installation without disrupting the flow of business. Most problems can be fixed on the same day without delay.

Is there a 24-hour locksmith service?

Comprehensive locksmiths deal with the car, business, and residential lock problems and have a team that works weekends, work evenings and simply offer 24/7 service to help in your time of need.  You want a team that can provide an expert opinion and opens any lock that comes at them.  Calling Eddie and Sons Locksmith 24/7 service line means a radio-dispatched call goes to their fully equipped van and a team is sent out to you ASAP.

Getting my safe opened by a locksmith is it possible?

Most people don’t think locksmiths can get safes and vaults open. They certainly can.  They can re-key offer break-in repairs and open a locked safe.  This is not just a job for any locksmith you will need to get a fully qualified locksmith who is trained in safe and vault opening to get the job done for you.  You don’t want someone to make a road crash out for your safety but get inside it as easily and with as less damage as possible.  Eddie and Sons Locksmith can usually make one small hole into the safe to get the problem sorted.

Call your local locksmith today to get the job done

Don’t sit around and wait for another day.  Putting your troubles off only creates unnecessary stress and leaves you open to being the victim of criminal damage.  Let New York, NY Eddie and Sons Locksmith take your call and answer any questions you might have.  Locksmiths will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee there can’t be anything more reassuring than the offer of satisfaction guaranteed.  Do not put it off call them now.

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