Hiring Home Cleaning Service v/s doing it yourself

Hiring Home Cleaning Service v/s doing it yourself

Apr 8, 2019, 8:21:48 PM Life and Styles

The 9 to 5 grind often gets to all of us making it hard to handle the basic cleaning chores of the house. Home cleaning services in Warwick offer professional help to people who are unable to manage their own house cleaning. Cleaning is important as is keeping up with one’s professional career. Leaving it to the professional house cleaners in Warwick means you can be sure that your house will be sparkling clean while you sit back and relax.

Considering Cleaning Yourself

There are several factors to consider when weighing doing house cleaning yourself vs. getting professional help. Here is a short list of factors:

House Size: A small house is easier and quicker to clean for both for the homeowner and any help you hire. Thus, a homeowner may not have to take out a lot of time from their busy schedule if the house area is small. For bigger houses, it is another thing altogether.

Cleaning Requirements: It is first a good idea to determine how clean you need the house to be and if you can take for granted that certain areas of the house will remain dirtier.

Decide on the cleanliness tolerance factor which determines how much dirt are you ok with; The lifestyle also dictates the cleanliness level; in terms of how often you cook full meals and if one treats the house as a museum, etc.

The size of the family is another important factor and also if there are any pets in the house. A house is likely to have certain active areas which tend to get dirtier as well. Thus, if doing it yourself, consider how often, which areas and level of cleanliness.

Time factor: Doing it yourself means saving money however, it will also take up your valuable time depending on the size of the house. For a working professional; spending their valuable time cleaning might not seem very appealing and it is something they might not be able to fit into their busy schedule on a regular basis.

House Cleaning Service - What to expect?

  • Opting for a professional cleaning service has many advantages. Here is what to expect in terms of cost and cleaning services.
  • Location of your house dictates the cleaning cost to a large extent.
  • You can expect the professional cleaner to charge lesser if the frequency is higher like weekly, monthly, etc.
  • The size of the house is another important factor that affects the cost, as does the number of bathrooms. The reason being; bathrooms require more attention to detail and are tougher to clean.
  • If there are pets in the house, it is likely to get dirtier which will also influence the charges of the cleaner.
  • The cleaners tend to charge extra for special requests as well; this may include dusting china display, doing the ceiling or seeking help with the exterior portion of the house.
  • A professional cleaner will know their job well and are likely to be pre-vetted by their employer.
  • They make use of professional techniques and tools to ensure the place is 100% clean.
  • It is possible to choose from full house cleaning or cleaning a specific place like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc.

Thus, there are many factors to consider before making the decision although leaving it to the professionals has its advantages. For those seeking home cleaning services in Warwick, it is possible to find expert help online. Scheduling a cleaning service is as simple as picking up the phone and selecting all your options. In fact, there are many cashless payment options available for selecting house cleaners in Warwick.

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