How to get different types of Australian PRs?

How to get different types of Australian PRs?

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Australia is one of the popular destinations which has excellent schools, universities, job opportunities and plenty of other perks. Individuals migrate to Australia for a bunch of reasons. It’s a popular place with tourists, students, skilled workers, and professionals. The country is diverse with people living from other countries.

You can take advantage for an Australian student visa or work visa which will allow you to live and function freely till its validity. However, the only drawback is to extend the visa from time to time. So, if you are planning to settle down in Australia. In such a scenario, it is noteworthy to apply for Australian PR. You won’t need a visa agent in Melbourne for that.

You can simply become a permanent resident of Australia with the help of the following ways. There are two categories, merit-based migration, and non - points based, based on which you can apply for an Australian PR.

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l Skilled Migration: The Skilled Occupation List is a point system which is based on factors such as your experience, qualification, age, and skilled employment. Your age must be below 55 and you must have proper knowledge about language, health, and character. If you have the skill or experience which Australia needs, you may be able to apply for a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant category.

Business Migration: The Australian government allows a PR to any business owner who wishes to start or move their business in Australia under this category. It’s the best option for those who want to settle in Australia and continue their business.

Non - Points Based

Family Migration: The Australian immigration department has brought many families together while introducing a family migration. It allows migration of partners, parents, children and other family members. Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens can sponsor for family Migration visas.

Work Migration: The company originated in Australia can grant you with a work migration while hiring you or if you have certain skills that it values. Hence, you can get PR in Australia.

However, TSS Visa is a temporary visa that permits the holder to live in Australia while he/she works for the company.

Talent Based Migration: Talent Based immigration visas are applicable to those who are internationally recognized for their achievement. Their talent must include a profession, sport, arts, academia, and research. Plus, there are various requisites of this visa which you must satisfy for acquiring the talent-based visa and, in turn, get a PR.

Humanitarian visas: Humanitarian visas are for people who left their home country to spend a safe life. Only a few of humanitarian visas can be issued by the governmentThis visa applies to those who are under a threat to life and limb. This situation can involve acts of war or direct danger to individuals themselves.

Retirement Visa Pathway: Australian government has passed a law for permanent residency to eligible retirees. It provides a PR option to such residents who are settled down in Australia for a significant period of time, worked there, and finally retired.

Former Resident Visa: Its a form of permanent visa for people who served in the Australian Defence Force. For a former resident visa, you must apply for it on paper. Plus, you should meet the age requirements by the government and long residence requirement too.

Australian government accepts the applications for an Australian PR in one of the above forms. One more important thing that you need to keep in mind while applying for a PR is that the Immigration timing might defer on the visa which you are opting for. Once, you have applied for it, they will invite you to lodge your application under the migration category you opt for. Finally, that will take about 60 days for you receive an Australian PR if you meet all the requirements. Once approved, you can enjoy your new home in Australia. 

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