Spring 2019: The Top Trends

Spring 2019: The Top Trends

Feb 4, 2019, 4:02:09 PM Life and Styles

Before the evolution of social media, we would have to wait until all the fashion weeks (i.e., New York, London, Paris, Milan, etc.) were over, and for fashion magazines to give us all the deets from the shows and tell us which designers had standout shows, along with the top trends. Then social media came and turned the fashion world upside down.

A world that was once run by designers, models, editors, and photographers is now being dominated by “influencers” and reality television starlets. With Millennials and Gen Z constantly wanting new information, all industries had to evolve to keep up. Now, there are only two things that are consistent in the fashion industry: change and the rapid speed of change.

Although the winter collection at bnb was one of the best, there's nothing like change which is why it seems as though there's a new "IT" model or “IT” bag every season. Once we've just finished buying our clothes for the fall, we're already looking ahead to what spring will bring us. Therefore, if you're a fashion connoisseur who wants to get ahead of the rest of the fashion crowd, below are seven of Spring 2019’s top trends.

1. Earth Tones

Pantone picked Living Coral, a bright coral shade, as its 2019 Color of the Year. But then, muted earth tones are the clear standout as the color of the Spring/Summer 2019 fashion season. Earth tones will “pop” when worn together, monochromatically head-to-toe. You may find brands and designers using color names such as truffle or oatmeal, yet it's ultimately the same. From sand to tan, cream, and khaki, try this look like a sleek alternative to black.

2. A California Love Story

Welcome to California dreaming, specifically Los Angeles, the home of beaches, Hollywood, and beautiful people. The world is obsessed with Los Angeles, California, and look no further than your favorite designer to prove this for Spring/Summer 2019. Imagine, gowns made with neoprene wetsuits at Marine Serre, Etro’s surf-inspired collection, oodles of tie-dye, and more wetsuits.

3. Ladies That Lace

Ladies love to wear lace. It's the epitome of being a woman: delicate, romantic, yet firm. The love of lace started during the Resort/Cruise collections before rolling over to spring. However, spring lace is edgier.

4. Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together, as the old saying goes. From Tom Ford to Oscar de la Renta, evening wear adorned with feathers floated down the runway. If you're not interested in going full-on Big Bird a la Sesame Street, Valentino used feathers on hats, shoes, and tops to give you a taste of the trend.

5. Pack a Punch

Summer suiting? Only if you're going to pack a serious punch! Try wearing a fruity-flavored fabulous suit with nothing underneath for a dramatic impact. Similar to Spring 2018, optic white shoes are the preferred footwear of choice. By far, this trend will brighten up your wardrobe.

6. Biker Babe

When we saw Kim Kardashian along with countless other celebrities and street style influencers shimmy through with biker shorts last summer, most of us assumed it was a one and done deal. However, if you watched the Chanel, Fendi, or Ferragamo fashion shows, you know the trend is here to hang out a little while longer. Try this look with a blazer for a polished look.

7. Bleach, Bleach, and More Bleach

Leaving the ‘90s with the bike shorts, and heading back to the ‘80s, leaves us at the pinnacle of the decade starting at acid wash denim. However, this go ‘round differs as it comes in varying silhouettes and even boots. 

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