The best crypto trading apps of 2019: A must read

The best crypto trading apps of 2019: A must read

Apr 10, 2019, 10:30:27 PM Business

The concept of trading in cryptocurrencies started off with a lot of suspicion about its stability but it has already carved a niche in the investment market. Even skeptics who would not sit through a session of cryptocurrency marketing are now expert investors in the same. Although some people have honed the skills of trading in cryptocurrency and making money on a daily basis, trading in digital currency is no easy task. That is where the use of trading apps comes in – they are faster, efficient and make money for you in your sleep. So, why are these trading apps called bots? They will trade just as well as a human would but it happens autonomously and does not require to rest.  Picking the right trading bot is the key to generating passive income from automated trading on Cryptos and Forex 

Here are the best options for 2019:


It is probably popular because it offers high payouts to its customers. Users have 3 withdrawal/deposit options; Bitcoin (BTC), ETH standing for Ethereum and the famous Litecoin (LTC). The bot selects the best trading approach basing on the assets selected by the investor. The ultimate aspect that makes this robot to stand out is that it is free to use.

BinBot Pro

Unlike DAXrobot, this trading robot is available in all parts of the world. It is suitable for those operating on a tight budget. While users do not pay for using the bot, their investment must not be below $250. For inexperienced investors, the robot allows for the creation of a demo account before depositing actual money.


An established trading bot in the market, Gunboat requires investors to pay a one-time fee to access it. It provides users with different trading strategies and this allows traders to use unique winning formulas of other traders. To keep the trading space fresh, the developers of Gunboat release updates constantly.


The Gimmer bot allows traders to combine the benefits of multiple crypto trading bots. Based on a decentralized system of Gimmer tokens, the renting of bots and buying of strategies takes place with tokens as an exchange. The Gimmer bot is offered for free.


This is one of the mainstream trading bots available which supports lots of cryptocurrency exchanges. The large community of users is enough proof that Cryptotrader is a legitimate automatic passive trading application.


While it comes last in this list, this is no indication that it is less efficient as a trading bot. The Haasbot is a sophisticated trading tool designed for trading certified professionals.


It is a good thing that even those who have the least amount of technical knowledge of cryptocurrency can trade and make good money out of digital currency trading. It is however important that traders vet and get referrals for good bots.

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