it's 12am

it's 12am

it's 12am again, and you're pouring your heart out to me. i'm drowning, drowning in your anguish-filled eyes and your sorrow. i'm trying to clamber back up, looking frantically for a ledge i can grasp to pull myself up. wishing with all my heart that i can help you, that you'll let me help you. and then you're trying to brush your pain away, laughing through your tears. telling me it doesn't matter, that our friendship'll end anyway and all you dare to hope is for me to take your secrets to my grave. you turn away again and start putting a wall between us, saying i'm just going to leave you, like everyone else did.

darling, my heart pains just seeing that look on your face. all i want is to see a smile on your lips, doesn't matter if i'm the one who put it there. i see how you pretend all is well, but your facade's cracking, my dear.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm here.

for you,

i'll always be here. 

Published by Erika Wong

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