music of the night

music of the night

they call out your name, and you rise, making your way smoothly to the front. you’re confident, with a relaxed stance, as you hold your violin gently in your hands. your eyes pass over your audience, but stop when they reach my gaze. lips curling up into a small smile, you shoot me a wink as you lift your violin to your chin and begin your performance. 

the first notes ring out in a sweet melody, the start of a lovely piece, and i’m hooked in an instant. your eyes are shut tight as you sway passionately to the beat. i can’t stop watching you. because it’s beautiful, and you’re beautiful. all too soon, it ends, and you bow to the deafening applause of the crowd. your eyes rise to meet mine, and i know at once that you know i understand

Published by Erika Wong

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