But I'm Week

But I'm Week

And whats wrong with that? Boy, I love when I fall for that.

Temptation is everywhere and often I think, why do I fall for them? What is so tempting in the first place?

One sip, bad for me
One hit, bad for me
One kiss, bad for me

But I give in so easily.

People and outside factors play a big part in how we act towards others and ourselves. The instant gratification is what we lust for. To help us in the moment of sweet desperation. Our loneliness within ourselves can also take into affect and not have us care about our actions.

But I’m weak, and what’s wrong with that?

Each time we fall into temptation, we have to pick ourselves back up and rise above. Temptation is always there and so are our weaknesses. All in the matter of how to go about the urges and watch ourselves how often we give into them.

No thank you is how it should’ve gone
I should stay strong.

Published by Erin Elizabeth

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