5 Surprising Facts about Eyebrow Threading and Its Benefits

5 Surprising Facts about Eyebrow Threading and Its Benefits

Jun 14, 2021, 11:58:51 AM Life and Styles

A makeup session is never complete without perfectly shaped eyebrows. But, eyebrow shaping is not just a fashion statement! There’s more to it and you will be surprised to know all about them! 

5 mind-blowing facts about eyebrow threading!

If you are a newbie looking to get your eyebrows on fleek, well, it can be a mystery for you! You can get your brows done from the best brow shaping salon! However, even if you are a regular you might wonder about the myths and the facts revolving around eyebrow threading practices!

  • It isn’t painful

It is no mystery that any practice revolving around hair-removal always includes pain and discomfort. And, many newbies tend to back off fearing this same notion when it comes to eyebrow shaping. 

However, threading is a great painless alternative and is a quick process! Why? Well, while threading the hair is removed from the roots itself, unlike waxing which involves the unnecessary ripping the hair out of your skin and exposing the sensitive parts of your skin. 

Although it is important to understand the level of discomfort is based on an individual’s sensitivity. For example, some people find it painless while threading the top of their brow than the bottom.

  • Gives shape to your eyebrows

If you are a newbie reading this, you are probably looking for a way to shape your eyebrows. Well, you are in for a treat. Eyebrow threading gives your artist the complete control to shape the brow just the way you want, unlike waxing which leaves you with no choices and a lot of discomforts. Threading gives liberty to your artist to remove a single hair or a thick strand of hair despite the hair length. 

  • Ideal for sensitive skin

Hair removal techniques have various effects on different skin types. When it comes to sensitive skin, threading is a perfect choice. However, it is always recommended to choose threading as a hair removal alternative for every skin type. Why? Well, threading involves very little to no skin contact or the use of chemicals. It uses a cotton thread to glide over the skin to pluck the hair. 

  • Easy and Quick

Yes, ladies! You can now say goodbye to those hours of torture! Unlike waxing and other hair removal processes, brow shaping only takes 10 to 15 minutes of your time. However, if you decide to thread other parts of your face like the upper lip, sides, chin, etc it will take up to 30 to 45 minutes. 

  • Ideal for facial hair removal

Our face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. So, when it comes to facial hair removals like eyebrow shaping or trimming, it is ideal to avoid chemicals, exfoliants, etc which can harm your skin in the long term. Threading your brow does not peel off the upper layer of the epidermis and does not use any harsh chemicals at all. 

Also, unlike chemical alternatives, threading your brow can have longer results which mean you do not have to visit the salon twice or thrice a week!

Surprising benefits of eyebrow threading!

Do you feel Brow shaping every week is just a waste of your time and money? Just a way to look trendier? Well, get ready to be surprised when we tell you that eyebrow threading has its benefits! 

Are you tired of your skin breaking out after every hair removal appointment? Well, chemical hair removal treatment is often harsh on our skin no matter the skin type. It increases the chances of pimples and other allergic reactions. 

On the other hand, threading or threading your eyebrow to be exact is a lot gentle on our skin as it involves very less skin contact and no chemicals. 

Moreover, eyebrow threading also gives you a variety of choices to shape your brow! Yes! Unlike waxing doesn’t leave you with many options. However, brow shaping or threading gives you the freedom to choose your style and lets you decide how much hair you want to remove from your face.

Doesn’t the memory of merciless peeling and pouring of hot wax on your face make you cringe? Well, waxing and other hair removal techniques can be torture and a very painful process. Why? Hair removal practices like waxing include peeling off the upper layer of the epidermis leaving the skin feeling irritated. However, threading according to dermatologists is a painless option and is now a widely recognized method of hair removal.  What’s more? You can now say goodbye to hours of torture! Why? Eyebrow threading also saves you from boredom. It takes only 15 minutes for a shaping session and can extend up to 30 to 45 minutes depending on your choice of services. 

Tired of having dense eyebrows? Did you know that waxing or other techniques do nothing to stop the growth of your eyebrows? Well, some even boost growth too! This explains the constant need to make an appointment with the salon! But, choosing eyebrow threading as an option, will save a lot of time and the results also last up to 5 weeks! What’s more? Threading also weakens the hair follicles which stops the thickness and stops the growth of your eyebrows over time! 

With everything that’s going around since the past year, we can’t help but be cautious about contamination and our health! And our health gets in jeopardy when we choose to wax. Why? Well, the waxes are reused. But with eyebrow threading, you can rest easy! The cotton thread used in the brow shaping process is made for a single-use.


Are you looking for premium quality eyebrow shaping services? Well, you are in for a treat! The best brow shaping salon is at your service and takes care of your every need and makes sure your hygiene and eyebrows are always on fleek! 

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