Frequently asked questions

I wrote an article but cannot find it on the My Trending Stories website

Double-check to make sure that your articles is saved as “published” and not as “draft” or “in rereading”.

How can I upload a video on My Trending Stories?

You can upload a video on My Trending Stories, by selecting add video. Please note that each video must be a maximum size of 256 MB. If your video is larger, you can use a free video size converter online.



I don't see the follow button on my My Trending Stories profile?

You are not able to see the follow button because you are logged in as yourself and cannot follow yourself but rest assured that others can see it under your profile!

What is an Image Slug?

The slug is, in fact, the end part of the URL link to your post. It auto-generates from the title you choose. Both manual and auto-generated slugs are good ways to go about it. Manual slugs are slightly better in the sense that you can add ''keywords'' to your link making your post more searchable and therefore, more SEO-friendly.

I would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter?

No worries! Here is the link to unsubscribe from the newsletter:  

Can i embed a youtube video into my post

Yes, you can and here's how:

1) On the youtube video page, click on share and select the embedded tab

2) There will be a code line from which you have to copy the url link contained in the middle of it. Here it is in bold and blue:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

3) back on MTS, in the text box, click on the second to last tool on the top line called "iframe". It will open a small window asking for the URL so you just have to paste in the link you previously copied. You can also put in the width and height information, which can be found in the code line (shown in pink above).

I still can't get my article to publish on the website, I've managed to save it, but can't publish it.

Check that the article is saved as “published” and not as “draft” or “in rereading”. 

How are the articles posted on the My Trending Stories social media pages chosen?

A staff member randomly selects which articles get shared on our social media, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, etc., so that everyone gets a chance to be promoted on our official pages. In addition to this, our contest winners will also be specially featured.

What can I do on My Trending Stories?

My Trending Stories is a new website which seeks to inform readers about the latest news and events occurring globally as well as serving as an outlet and platform for creatives who are interested on sharing their opinions and views on various topics.

The website serves as a creative platform which enforces a sense of community between creatives allowing you to connect with other members and share your views openly.

In terms of the posts themselves, no topic is off limits or imposed as long as it does not contribute to racism, discrimination or anything that violates an individual’s human rights or any laws. Furthermore, you have the liberty to post directly on the website with an author login.

In terms of frequency there is no imposed minimum nor maximum, feel free to share what inspires you the most.

As of right now, all of creatives are contributors so it's not remunerated and currently there are no advertisements on My Trending Stories, thus no revenue is being generated by the website.

I am not able to upload my avatar

We have just tested the avatar feature. Although it may not show that it is uploaded right away:

1. upload the image ( it will still show a smiley face)

2. write your bio**

3. save

4. you will be redirected to your page with your avatar being displayed.

If you are still experiencing any difficulties please email us at


How can I add an article?

  1. Click on  +New article:

2. Click on "Published" if you would like for your article to be published once it is saved​

3. When you are done writing you article click on "Save" 




How can I connect my social media accounts to my My Trending Stories profile?

You must click on the "edit profile" button once you are on your profile. After you will see a slot to link your facebook and twitter accounts.



How can I add a bio?

  1. Log into your account and click on your avatar image (if you have not yet updated your bio it will be a grey smiley face)

2. Click on My Profile

3. Click on Edit Profile:

4. Upload your image: