Top 3 AI Website Design Tools That Will Change Your Website

Top 3 AI Website Design Tools That Will Change Your Website

Yes, AI has entered web design now, and within just a few years, AI has created many ways of website design breaking many old traditions. 

From Firedrop to Wix ADI, companies have multiple options to choose from. However, website owners are often confused on choosing the best AI web design tools.  

Today in this blog, we will tell you about Top 3 AI website design tools with their pros and cons that will help you creating an amazing web design.

This blog will help you making the right decision for your website when it comes to hiring web development Services Company or using AI tools.

What is AI Web Design?

AI web design is about designing a website using AI technology. These AI tools are based on an advanced algorithm for web design that provides a variety of options when it comes to designing every page of a website.

Many web designers consider it as an on-going process because it doesn't have the ability to reach the ability of a professional web designer. They are right at some points. However, AI tools give more freedom and choices for businesses and designers to experiment or to test multiple times and fix the issues before its complete launch.

Top 3 AI Website Design Tools

AI is evolving every day and empowering many industries and business sectors with its automated features and technology.

There are some AI tools which have emerged out as a popular choice for web design and creating new trends in web development. Here are those top 3 AI website design tools that you can utilize your website:

1. The Grid

The Grid was released almost a decade ago; its long presence shows its dominance and experience in web design and AI. This is one of the most famous AI web design tools which is known for the robust technology and reliability.


Strong AI: Many experienced web designers have mentioned the power of The Grid's AI, Molly. This feature enables to easily perform specific tasks such as image processing.

Wide community: As this is a decade-old AI tool, The Grid has a large community of users. Throughout its journey, it has created over 200,000 websites globally.

Faster web design: As AI works on an automated algorithm process and enables a system to work faster than human effort. When you create a website using The Grid, you don't need to wait for an extended time, or encounter 404 errors.


Limited design: When you start working with The Grid, you have multiple options to pick your website's color palette and supply site's content. This is where your options end. This tool doesn't allow you to make any modifications, just choose and that's it.

Annual subscription fee: You need to pay an annual subscription fee if you want to use the Grid. This requirement can restrict potential users who rely on AI technology to reach their full capability.

Not many attractive designs: Many users have often commented on The Gird for providing not unique designs. So, if you are looking for something extraordinary web design, this tool may not work well for you.

2. Wix ADI

Wix a popular website builder tool. It introduced Wix ADI in 2016 with a goal to provide businesses with streamlined, cost-efficient, and personalized web design services.


It's free: Wix ADI is a free AI web design tool. You can use Wix ADI tool in creating websites with or without paid subscription.

Customization: Unlike The Grid, it allows to customize the designs of Wix ADI. You can modify any design using the editor option, though you can't return to Wix ADI once you perform this process.

Page Templates: It allows users to specify what kind of page they want to create, for example a homepage. This AI feature gives specific templates and options to create a user-friendly web design.


Slow speed: If you have a simple website, it’s okay. But WiX ADI often works slowly when it comes to creating a complex website. Particularly for long pages, such as in product listing page, it may take a long time for Wix ADI to change the design.

Limited apps: Wix ADI provides access to a few apps. If you want to use Wix ADI and apps both, you will have to switch to the traditional Wix editor.

Poor SEO: Many SEO professionals have emphasized Wix's poor seo features, especially when it comes to URLs. However, traditional Wix editor offers more flexibility, but not Wix ADI.

3. FireDrop

This AI web design tool works as same as The Grid. Firedrop is a personalized web design assistant tool, called Sacha. You can create a custom website design by telling this AI assistant tool Sacha what you need.


Free Trial: Firedrop gives a free trial. If you find this tool useful, you can pay a monthly fee to get a custom domain and design options for your website.

Customization: Firedrop allows you to customize your website based on its ready-made templates and signs. You can change fonts, images, sizes, etc.

Mobile-friendly design: Companies are now more focusing on mobile friendly websites. Therefore, Firedrop gives an extra advantage to create and modify your website for smartphones. This helps you to build a mobile responsive website.


One-page site for free users: If you want to use Firedrop for free, you can only create a one-page website. This restriction can be removed if you invest in a monthly subscription plan.

No virtual stores: Firedrop doesn’t support well in creating blogs and virtual stores. Especially, if you want to build an ecommerce store, using this AI web design tool may not be a good decision.

Operated by Chatbot: Firedrop uses a chatbot-based interface to interact with users. It means, you have to chat with Sacha to make any changes or update to your site, which often deters many people from using this tool due to the lack of human interactions.


No doubt AI web design tools come with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, depending on your budget and website goal, you can choose any of them.

AI web design tools work better for lightweight websites. But if you have long-term business goals and your website needs advanced features, you should hire an agency. And eSearch Logix is a professional Indian website designer which can help you build a responsive design for your website. 

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