How I Started My Day Happy!

How I Started My Day Happy!

Ok so it’s no secret: I’m not a morning person. But oh how I wish I was! I envy a friend who says not only does her body wake her up bright and early but she wakes up happy! How could you wake up happy after the cruelty lf your alarm clock just invaded your precious sleep?? (Some questions can never be answered ☺)

I read a Psychology Quote which said that morning people are generally more reserved and laid back while evening people are usually more outgoing. I’m the latter! So I began to think to myself, “maybe being a morning person is just not for you Essence”.

So while waking up is not my thing, it doesn’t mean that I can’t play out the rest of my morning in victory! Kind of without intention, I noticed being pretty jolly from 8:30 AM -12:00 PM today. I wondered why I was more happy than usual and I came up with a list of things that I put that spark into my morning. I think I just redefined being a “morning person”!😉

1. I was running according to schedule. There’s nothing like being late to place anxiousness on your shoulders. By prepping the night before I found myself on time and that put me at ease.

2. The sun was shining. I’m addicted to sun! Sun represents joy and puts me in an automatic good mood. You can’t control when it comes out but when it does, enjoy it!

3. I played some feel good music. At first I had Taya from Hillsong United belting it out but then I figured, “I wanna get more excited” so I changed the track and played reggae! I love music and the connection it makes to your spirit. I enjoy taking in every beat, strum, and melody in the songs. Music makes me pretty happy!

4. I danced. Yup. I dance in my car with no shame. Even at red lights. Reggae will do that for you!

5. I had something to look forward to. I had plans later on that day and it motivated me to get through the day. Instead of focusing on the fact that I’d be sitting at a desk for the next 7 hrs I thought about how excited I was to sign up for the gym and get a workout in that evening.

6. I spoke with friends. Sometimes I crave socialization. Ok. Maybe all times. But there’s nothing like having other people cheer you up and pull you out of a negative head space. A simple motivational quote, funny meme, or a simple Good Morning text gets the job done.

7. I ate breakfast. I can be a total breakfast advocate and lay out how obsessed I am with the importance pf eating breakfast but I wont! (Even though I kind of already did). Starting my day off right, for me, means eating breakfast. Whether in the car, at the kitchen table, or a take and go (like me) make sure you juice up your body for the day ahead of you.

8. I did my devotions. Most important of them all, I read my daily devotionals and spent time with God in prayer. Stillness and peace in the presence of God is the anecdote to everything. I challenge you to incorporate 2-3 of these things in your daily routine to see the difference! Which of these can you see yourself doing to cheer up?

Speak words of life. Shine your light.

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