Why Negative Isn't Always Negative

Why Negative Isn't Always Negative

I really like taking up new phrases and sayings. It's a fun way to switch up the regular boring-ness of everyday speech. More recently, I started replacing the word "no" with the word "negative". Part of this reason was because sometimes people couldn't make out what I was saying when I answered "no" because they were too far, too distracted, or were hoping for a different answer! Nonetheless, it always snaps the listener into immediate attention once they hear something a bit different. (And let's face it, it's kinda fun to be different!)

Recently, someone asked me a question in which I responded "negative". They casually said, "negative isn't always a bad thing". I wondered why they said this since they were asking if I had water in my car on a hot sunny day! That would seem pretty negative to me once I find out I will be thirsty for another 30 minutes until I get home! (But that's just me). Since he said something I wasn't expecting I immediately turned around and asked him what he meant. He said, "it may be negative if you don't have water now but negative on some thing is a good thing". I said, "True. Like if the doctor said an HIV test came back negative that would be a great thing!".

It totally shifted my thought process. I could choose to be negative about all of the things that aren't going right OR I can be positive for all of the things that are not going wrong! (Re-read that sentence if that was a mouthful! LOL) For instance, "man, I poured out my cereal into a bowl and then found out that I had no milk. Now I have to eat toast" (hands up if this has ever happened to you!) This can be a negative thing unless you switch it to,  "I'm so thankful there isn't a shortage of food around!" Here's another example: "My parents never lets me use her car" VS "My parents are responsible and privileged to have a car".

At the end of it all it's about perception. How you choose to view the world out of your lens can be positive if we see them in a different way.


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