Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices) - Book Review

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices) - Book Review

Jul 5, 2017, 1:13:32 AM Entertainment

When I finished reading this book, I threw it at the floor, and then picked it up and hugged it.

Cassie's writing will always be incredible. I love her books, and her words, and her characters. But when she murders them is another story. 

The second book to The Dark Artifices did not disappoint me, though if Cassie were to write "I pooped in the toilet," I still would have considered it a beautiful work of literature.

This novel features Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorns family, as well as special guests such as Cristina Rosales, the Centurion, Diana Wrayburn, and many others.

Annabel Blackthorn is on the run, and the Blackthorns have to get the Dark Volume before the Unseelie King does. Through the novel, many relationships form. Most importantly, Kit and Ty. Their ship name is Kitty, and I don't think anyone could disapprove of that. They are honestly too cute. Jules and Emma's relationship also grows stronger as well, though it collapses, and they have to be apart from now on. I do hope they manage to fix their problem. 

These characters go on many adventures. Most noticeably, when Mark runs to Faerie to save Kieran from being executed, Jules, Emma and Cristina go after him. They end up saving Kieran and meeting the Seelie Queen, which shoves them into path of loss and destruction that I do hope they can rise from. 

Kieran is an important character in the books. He's probably one of my favourites. Though there is a slight (confusing) love triangle going on between Mark, Cristina and Kieran, my hopes is that Mark and Kieran end up together. 

The Blackthorns themselves are in a mess. Having to escape from the Los Angeles institute to the London Institute, they are separated from each other. But, when arriving to the London institute, many remnants from the characters of the Infernal Devices are found - scribblings in books from James Herondale (who I hope we can learn about soon), Jessamine Lovelace (as the ghost), and many others that I fangirled majorly about. 

We see Clace and Malec as well, and I love that. 

So, my favourite character in the book would have to be Ty. The way he handles things is just so admirable, and somehow I relate to him so much. When Kit was describing things, like, "The headphones and the music... were a buffer," and "He couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to live so intensely, to feel things so much, to have the world sway into and out of too-bright colours and too-bright noises," all I could think of was, "Oh."

My favourite scene is when Kit held Ty when having a breakdown. That scene was just tremendous, and I couldn't stop reading it over and over again. "So Kit held him as if they'd been lost in the sea of the sky." They're so adorable. I need them to date. Like now.

But on the other hand, I'm honestly so frightened for how the Blackthorns and Alec Lightwood (I was literally almost about to write down Lightworm) will endure and feel after the end of this book. I cried, but I still loved this book. It's the best book i've read for this year. 

I could rant about this for a very long time, but I guess i'll have to stop now. I recommend this book. No. You have to read it. All of you. Otherwise i'll hunt you down.

Anyway, all Fantasy (and YA Fantasy) readers of all ages who like books such as Throne of Glass or Percy Jackson, I think, would love this novel as well. 

Good luck to all reading it! It sure is a huge journey.

For those who have read it, what are your thoughts on it?

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