Various advantages offered by the online food ordering system

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Various advantages offered by the online food ordering system

Food delivery is having a good run in the online platform. Since online platforms are easily accessible and the quality of service is better than any other system, more and more people opt for an online food ordering system. The reason for good quality for service is the feature enriched apps which helps the restaurant owners connect better with the customers than before. But developing food delivery apps are pretty expensive and not everyone could afford it. So app developing companies brought forth a technique of app cloning which takes almost as half price and efforts to develop an app. But still some of the small scale business owners find it difficult to afford them.

So an even effective method is introduced by turnkeytown that is an alternative to Gloriafood to support the entrepreneurs and small scale businesses who require better recognition to take their business to the next level.

How does the Gloriafood alternative work?

So basically this setup doesn’t require any fancy apps for delivering the food of restaurant owners. Their own website or Facebook page can be included in this feature of delivering food just by including an additional button using the Gloriafood alternative.

After including the button for ordering food, the user gets to view the menu offered by the restaurant and then selects their favourite food and proceeds to the checkout.

Once the order is placed, the restaurant gets a notification in their mobile phone in the form of a phone call which lasts for 3 minutes for confirming the order. The restaurant owner gets to decide the time of delivery and intimates the customer and then proceeds to prepare the food and hand it over to the delivery personnel for delivering it to the customer.

Gloriafood alternative offers various advantages. Let us look at all of them

Advantages of online food ordering system

Customers get to order from the restaurant website or Facebook page

Instead of downloading any fancy apps or going into foreign web apps, users can order their favourite food in their favourite restaurants website itself. This eliminates the need for downloading apps and occupying phone memory.

Food ordering is just a click away

Ordering food has become very easy with the Gloriafood alternative. With just a few clicks away one can enjoy their favorite food of their choice. The user has a built -in secured payment system where placing orders has made it much simpler and easier.

It’s fast easy and comfortable

The main target audience are the millennials who look for the easy way out in everything. Food ordering can be made anywhere with the help of smartphones. Say if one is standing in the traffic jam or waiting in the train station, with the help of the option the user can order food and get it delivered at the time they reach home.

No human errors

Since all the process is automated there is no possibility of being misunderstood or some other errors. The most common error is misconception of the order in the restaurant. Such errors are eliminated and the users get literally what they ordered.

24/7 availability

Online food ordering systems are available anytime. Even when restaurants get closed past a certain time, users still get to enjoy good food with this option. This also cuts down the electricity charges and staff salary as they are not necessary for an online based food delivery system.

Online menu is simpler to manage

Online menu is the cheapest but at the same time the most attractive and effective way of having a menu card. The online menu cards have a feature of adding the item to the cart for ordering the food which cannot be done in the physical menu card

Less hassle

There is no need for staff to waste their time with undecided customers who take longer than usual to order their food in the restaurant. In an online system, the user can take as much time they need to place an order and whenever they are ready and place the order, it gets automatically intimated to the restaurant.


Alternative to Gloriafood will be most welcomed by the small scale restaurant owners and home based cooks as this will help to bring their business to a wider spectrum and helps to achieve some of the finest customers for their business.

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