The Five Worst Hookah Flavors of All Time

The Five Worst Hookah Flavors of All Time

Sep 5, 2021, 8:10:07 AM Life and Styles

For most people, smoking hookah or shisha with friends is one of the best parts of getting together to hang out, but there are some flavors out there that just shouldn’t be smoked on anything—no matter how pretty the pipe or bowl looks. If you have any of these terrible flavors in your possession, get rid of them before someone gets sick! Of course, if you have anything else to add to this list of the worst hookah flavors ever made, let us know in the comments below!

1) Peach

At best, it’s a mediocre flavor that will get old fast. At worst, it’s disgusting and doesn’t taste like peaches at all. It’s overused and generally tastes artificial, so you’re better off avoiding it altogether. If you do want to smoke a peach-flavored hookah tobacco, opt for a lighter, more natural variety with a subtle peach flavor. Even then, we suggest rotating through other flavors instead of going back to peach again and again.

2) Blueberry

Yuck. Imagine eating blueberry jam straight from its can—heavy, cloying, and just sickeningly sweet. Does that give you an idea of what hookah-ing on blueberry tobacco tastes like? It was never a popular flavor to begin with, but if you’re thinking about picking up some blueberry tobacco to mix things up with your regular flavor, please reconsider. Blueberry isn’t something people typically eat as it’s incredibly sweet and artificial tasting; why would we want to inhale it? In addition to being sickeningly sweet, blueberry tobacco has a very strong aroma as well.

3) Mango

Grape is always, hands down, one of the worst flavors you can choose for your hookah. Not only does it not taste like grapes (who doesn’t hate grape soda?), but it also tends to make your mouth pucker. Plus, almost every flavor you pair with it will become undrinkable. If you like your shisha fruity and sweet, stick with watermelon or coconut—they’re classic fruit-flavored hookah flavors that always seem to hit their mark.

4) Grape

There are some hookah smokers who love grape, but it is definitely not on most people’s lists of favorite flavors. What makes it so foul? Partially, it’s because there are so many different kinds of grape flavorings out there—most of which don’t pair well with tobacco. It also doesn’t help that it smells like cheap candy. If you do get a flavor that goes well with tobacco, though, be prepared for an hour-long session; if you aren’t into that (and most people aren't), then avoid grape completely.

5) Green Apple

If you like mint, you might like green apple. But if you like mint-flavored candy, there’s a reason you hate (or love) green apple so much: It tastes nothing like it. The bitter taste isn’t a good start for a hookah flavor, but it’s not its worst quality. It produces a thick smoke, and it has a smell that will fill up your apartment – even if there is no smell of anything else to mask it.

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