Last Scattered Thoughts Of 2016


Last Scattered Thoughts Of 2016


This is going to be the last writing I would be doing this year and if anything I intend to pour out my soul into it rambling about everything and nothing in particular while listening to Emeli Sande’s Lonely.


I quit writing for a while not because there was nothing to write about but because I wanted to find myself – or rather get lost. I wanted to get lost in a world already lost, high atop the sky with failed engines gliding for safe waters to ditch on.

Mainstream news was overwhelming enough to consume you. It was easy to believe there was no good left in what was designed to be a beautiful world and many believed it. Wars here and there. Swift and volatile power swifts. Unpredictable happenings all over. 2016 came prepared.


But I didn’t want to be a part of a world whose foremost ingredient was anarchy and perpetual fear. I didn’t think it was enough to wake up each morning only to die a thousand times. So I considered opting out from social media was a temporary panacea. One thing about temporary fix was they were good until they were not.


But in truth this did help me to an extent. I read some life changing books this year. In retrospect I want to believe I changed a lot over the past 300 days. Yes, I did change.


I had to deal with different forms of pain. Leonard Cohen died this year. It broke me. He was my hero. I have a hundred and one songs from him alone. His poetry was magic; his words even more so. But he wasn’t the only one who died this year. And when you look at it holistically there has never been a year where no one died so ultimately we can only be grateful for each prolonged second we get to inconvenience this world. Death – the way I look at it – is a beautiful thing if it relieves you of intense pain, takes you to a better place and puts your loved ones in a better place otherwise not so much.


What happened in Syria was an absolute shame to mankind and everyone who looked away unconcerned is no less of a devil. It’s easy to ignore suffering when it is not relatable but looking back 10 years it’s easier to see Syria could have been any other country. There were no winners in Syria – Assad, Putin, Rebels – it’s all suffering. The sort of pain that feels more pleasurable if for surety a certain expiry date was established.


Leicester City won the English Premier League. If there was ever a reason to believe in dreams, Leicester was an inspiration to young boys and girls out there to believe in the beauty of their dreams. The odds for this to happen at the start of the season were 1000/1. Simply put if you made a bet with a thousand euros at the beginning of the season for Leicester to be champions you would have been a millionaire. It’s okay even they themselves didn’t play such bet.

Donald Trump won the American Presidential election and the world was having a laugh. It didn’t surprise me much. I fancied him to win not because he was the better candidate but he was the obvious choice. When a man rises so quickly in such a short time you don’t imagine there are no strong supporting foundations. It remains to be seen how much of a disaster he would make as President as everyone expects him to be but this tea won’t drink itself.


Robert Mugabe, 92, said he was going to contest in the next elections. This man is a baby boy and must be treated as such. I imagine Arsene Wenger in the background screaming – Go best friend, that’s my best friend.

Britain left Europe and no one seems to know why. Britain left Europe and they did not go to Africa, Asia or anywhere else; they just left. But I think they had a memorandum which majority voted to leave.  It’s funny. They didn’t know where they were headed but they wanted to leave so why not.


If anything we need to be grateful to 2016 was the music it delivered. I would need to write a whole new blog post to completely appreciate all the music which dropped this year. We needed little things like this to keep us going.

My favorite TV show – Narcos – didn’t disappoint. Pablo Escobar died but we didn’t want El Patron to die. It remains to be seen if Narcos season 3 would be as enjoyable as the others without Pablo. I hope it is. It’s one of the few TV shows I passionately follow. I started House of Cards but I couldn’t keep up. Blackish seemed interesting initially sadly I grew bored with time. It looks like I didn’t follow so many TV shows this year. Next year we go again.

This year, for me, was all about self-discovery and rapid adaptation to challenges. I learnt to take my pain and play with it. It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it.


I look around and people are making New Year resolutions. It humors me. I think the best resolutions are the ones you make on a daily basis. I am not perfect. I don’t think I would ever be. But I want to wake up tomorrow and be marginally better than who I was yesterday. I want to make progress. I want to be happy. Lastly, I want to have the resolve and drive to withstand what next year throws at me. Tomorrow you would wake up to a new year. I hope you like it.




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Published by Etenwa Manuel

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