15 Simple Hand Tattoos Ideas for Girls

15 Simple Hand Tattoos Ideas for Girls

Jun 28, 2021, 3:43:00 AM Life and Styles

Many cultures worldwide decorate their body parts with amazingly detailed tattoos, and using the body as a canvas for art has been part of human civilization for thousands of years. In today's world, having Iron Buzz tattoos makes the individual appear as a rebel making a statement. 

Over the centuries, people having professions like sailors, priests, and warriors have inked with simple hand tattoos depicting sacred symbols to protect against evil or designs that would honor their family name or loved ones. For such reason, tattoos like crosses, anchors, small birds, etc., were inked on their bodies. 

Some of the ideas are mentioned below:

Simple bird 

The history of this tattoo is that it depicted the birds swallow, and sailors used to tattoo their hands with this small bird so that people could know that the sailor has traveled around 5000 nautical miles in the sea.

In today's world, this tattoo depicts a personal significance for an individual, like loving birds, or it is a symbol of carefree freedom flying in the sky.

Minimalist tattoo

People prefer to have intricate designs, simple hand tattoos having a realistic color on them. This has an appealing approach as some have attractive and impressive designs and is difficult to get inked on a small canvas as a finger.

It depends upon the creative imagination of the tattoo designer to capture and understand the thoughts of the person before inking the design on the hand. These are understated tattoos but are a great example of minimalist with limited space on hand.

Palm tattoo

Inking the palm is recently becoming a growing trend among the individual as it is an interesting place for a tattoo. It is a challenge to ink on the palms as it is one of the sensitive parts of the body, and the person is aware of each tap of the needle.

Also, hands have the thickest skin compared to other parts of the body, which means that the artist has to make several passes so that they can push the ink deep enough. Despite this difficulty, people get their palms tattooed with interesting designs like moon, flower, stars, initials of their loved ones, or spiritual symbols based on their appetite.

Script tattoo

For centuries people have been using scripts of their holy books as tattoo designs to ink over their bodies to ward off the evil spirits. People also use scripts to demonstrate their love of their loved ones or to let the world know of their beliefs.

It is an excellent addition to tattoo as it has varied typefaces and stylized letters which can be used to ink.

Bold traditional tattoos

Some individuals like to go the old school or traditional, which is bold and darker in nature. They prefer only the black way rather than having varied colors on their skin. The black ink suits well for traditional tattoos, and it gives them classic style also.

Black and Gray Tattoos

People who don't wish vibrant colors to be inked on their hand prefer; they would rather prefer black and gray designed tattoos. It depends upon the artists of Iron buzz tattoos to use black and gray color to create stunning and stylized tattoos having a wide spectrum of traditional and new designs.

Nautical Themed Tattoos

The tattoo has been a traditional form of art that the sailors have always adorned. Different tools and elements of the ships like the anchor, compass, wheel of a ship, etc., are simple and great designs that have their own traditional significance.

For instance, a single anchor tattoo depicts that the sailor has traveled and crossed the Atlantic, whereas a compass tattoo represents a good luck charm. 

Rose Tattoos

The most common element design preferred by people is a single rose flower that is beautiful and depicts a variety of meanings. When thorns are incorporated in a rose design, they depict a very different meaning compared to a single rose.

Since it has perfect symmetry and shape, it is easy to ink on hand, and it looks very beautiful, too, along with its varied colors.

Bow hand tattoo

One of the simple hand tattoos is a bow that depicts sharing and giving in the present time. It can also be depicted as the female power as well as a gift of love. There are very creative ways through which a tattoo artist can ink this simple design on the surface of the hand.

Crown Tattoo

Kings and queens wear a crown; they symbolize royalty, power, and dominance. A person who inks their hand with a crown depicts their ambition and the desire to achieve a particular position in life which will show their dominance.

Panda Tattoo

One of the most popular and cutest animals in this world is the panda. Hence getting panda tattoo among ladies are getting very popular. Even the logo of supporting wildlife is a panda. To provide solicitation with wildlife protection also one can depict this design on their skin.

Heart Tattoo

One of the favorite tattoo designs among the ladies is the design of the heart, as it has a multitude of meanings. It can express simple feelings like love, friendship, desire as well as passion. It can also represent heartache or commemorate the lost love. The artist can simply outline the heart shape on hand or can fill it with variant colors.

Star tattoo

Among simple hand tattoos, the design of a star can also be considered. For a common people, it signifies honor, success, hope, ambition, etc.; such desire drives the person to achieve their goal. During a trying period, it will help you to find your home.

Paw tattoo

Paw tattoo is one of the most elegant and simple-looking tattoos which have its own deep meaning, and it can vary from person to person; for instance, for an individual, it can represent a memory of a lost pet.

Flower with vine tattoo

This tattoo design is slowly getting traction from the females as this tattoo can vary styles as well, meaning depending upon the individual. Each flower on the vine can depict as a family member. They can be simply inked by black color, or different colors can ink each flower.

Simple hand tattoos are not just accessories; they depict the individual strength and hands, are the most employed part of our body, so it is understandable to get it inked.











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