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So you've chanced upon my article, or just thought that my profile was interesting enough.

Or maybe, it's because I'm interesting. Or you're just clicking all over the place because you're bored.

Lucky you.

Anyways, hello and welcome to my world! I'm a Singaporean student majoring in Creative Writing for Television and New Media, and I write a lot about my feelings about a lot of things. More of like the life of a Singaporean teenager, or some issues that are happening in the world and what I feel about them.

I also shoot, but I'm not going to post my photos here. I have a photography website and here it is:

I have my own personal blog, which is, as you can see by the name, personal. If you really want to know what's going on in my head here it is:

So yes. Thanks for spending a couple of minutes reading (and I'm hoping) clicking on my website links. 

By the way, I do appreciate critique and feedback, so don't hesitate to email me, right here:

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