Yummy Cupcakes from Flavourtown Bakery

Yummy Cupcakes from Flavourtown Bakery

Jul 3, 2016, 4:21:56 PM Life and Styles

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Flavourtown Bakery has set up a pop-up stall inside Westfield’s Topshop at Shepherd’s Bush. It was right in front of the elevator inside the shop so you can’t really miss this pink stall with lots of mouth watering cakes on display!


There are a normal size and a mini size for each cupcake flavour as well as an Oreo Party cake where you can purchase by slice. I think all of their cupcakes look very fun and they do incorporate pretty fun flavours as well on top of some classic flavours.

I decided to order four mini cupcakes to try (from left to right) – the Red Velvet Oreo cupcake, Nutella vs Oreo cupcakeRed Velvet cupcake, and the Vanilla Funfetti cupcake. Each flavour has their uniqueness in it but one thing that’s universal is that they are very delicious with an alluring melt-in-your-mouth texture.

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They claimed that they manage to create such moist and melty texture because they use Lescure in everything, which is an ‘artisanal butter made in France’s Charentes region’ that is known for its delicate flavour and refined texture.

So here’s a little breakdown for each cupcake flavour I tried:

Red Velvet Oreo
I absolutely adore a classic red velvet cake. The idea of having oreos incorporated into it does sound pretty exciting. In a nutshell, it is a classic red velvet cupcake with frosting, and then the frosting bit is dipped into chocolate, rolled with oreo crumbs and then some red velvet cake crumbs to top off. The red velvet cake itself is beautiful and is perfectly moist. The chocolate oreo coating added a subtle crunch to the frosting - it was lovely.

Nutella vs Oreo
This is my favourite among the four. I feared it would taste too heavy but they manage to find the perfect balance in this cake. The flavours are rich and very well-blended. It actually resembles a Ferrero Rocher flavour, especially with the nuts on the frosting that gave an extra layer of texture like a Ferrero Rocher. It’s one pretty exquisite cupcake in my opinion.

Red Velvet
Back to the classic red velvet cake. I really enjoyed the cream cheese frosting as it’s velvety but not too heavy at all. The red velvet cake itself is a teeny bit heavy on this one. There’s a relatively strong cream cheese flavour within the cake which made it extra rich. It’s really good but not my most favourite red velvet cake.

Vanilla Funfetti
How can you not feel happy seeing this colourful cake. The sprinkles added so much joy to the cake and you simply can’t help smiling at the sight of it. It’s fun, spongy, delicious, not overly sweet and it is relatively lighter compared to the other three cupcakes. It is genuinely a joy to have.

Photo 01-07-2016, 10 59 54

One thing I really liked about them is their packaging. I really like how they explain the makings of their cupcake on the box (that’s where I find out about the use of Lescure) as well as teaching you how to store the cupcakes (I didn’t know you can freeze a cupcake!).

Photo 30-06-2016, 21 23 07.jpg

All in all, next time you’re shopping at Westfield, do go treat yourself at least with a mini cupcake! I’m not sure how long the pop-up stall is going to last so pop by before it’s gone! :)


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