How To Create An Online E-Learning Platform Like Udemy?

How To Create An Online E-Learning Platform Like Udemy?

Undoubtedly, Udemy is amongst the top e-learning platforms that are available today. With several courses available on this platform in different subjects, it has helped e-learners attain success.

Looking at the success of Udemy, a lot of educational organisations want to clone Udemy or build an online e-learning platform like Udemy. Yes, if you are planning to do so you can have a quick look at the principles Udemy has implemented into online E-Learning Platform Development and e learning app design to reach millions of students.


Let us explore the development process adopted by developers to build an Online E-Learning Platformlike Udemy.

Why Select Udemy’s Model To Develop Your e-Learning Platform?

A lot of features integrated into the Udemy website are the best features that support e-learning to meet the needs of thousands of e-learners.

These features include an interactive user interface for students as well as teachers. Udemy has distinct features that help both students and teachers to connect through an e-learning network


  • User-friendly and responsive design that fits all screen sizes
  • Multiple platforms to facilitate easy learning like mobile apps and website
  • Course content can be created using features that support multimedia
  • Easy course management features for the instructors
  • Multiple payment options
  • Rewards, course completion certification, and other course features are available to motivate learners

The above features are just to name a few as many more Udemy features make it the preferred e-learning platform

Steps To Create An Online e-Learning Platform Like Udemy

1. Know Your Requirements

It is very important to know your requirements to start with Online E-Learning Platform Development. Make sure you know every aspect of your platform. For example, what type of courses do you wish to include. Find out if you can target industry-centric markets like basic courses where every teacher has involved for example chemistry, mathematics, etc.

Offering a specific marketplace can help you gain profits even if you target particular subjects like

  • Arts & crafts
  • Computers
  • Businesses and Entrepreneurship.
  • Content Writing

2. Build A Reasonable Pricing Structure

Try to create a reasonable price structure. It will help you with a fair idea of revenue sources. Also, you will get to know how to get business through free/open access to e-learning.

Some platforms offer certificates that do not come with free learning courses. Udemy earns money via well-structured paid courses & certificates.

3. Integrate Vital Features

If you want to explore the aspects that help you know how to E-Learning Mobile App Development like Udemy, then make sure you pay close attention to the vital features available on this e-learning platform. Here are some core features to check out.

  • Filter Categories
  • Auto-Select Search
  • Rating and Feedback System
  • Сourse Page
  • Easy sign-up for Students and teachers
  • Teacher and Student Profile
  • Structured Dashboard
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Select Your Development Cycle

You can plan Online E-Learning Platform Development In two different ways. One is building the e-platform from scratch and the second is using pre-built solutions

4. Choose Your Development Approach

a) Custom Software Development


In case you are looking to offer multiple services along with an individual setup for flawless customer engagement then you will have to go for custom software development. It might take a little more time but the outcome would be rewarding.

With the help of custom development, you can include and accommodate almost any requirements to your app or website

b) Pre-built Solutions

Here, with pre-built solutions, you can build a system using pre-built solutions available in the market for various e-learning platforms. the open-source platform helps you use plenty of free plugins to build your online learning platform.

Certainly, pre-built solutions are the fastest to hit the market and an ideal option if you do not want to invest ample time in custom development.

Development Stages To Consider For Online E-Learning Platform Development

Looking at the profits of the giants like Udemy in the e-learning market, you may want to ask about the technologies used by Udemy for the development process.

Out of the several technologies available, you can opt for the one that matches the requirement of your development process to build an e-learning platform.

Three integral development stages & technologies are

1. Front End Development


A lot of popular technologies are available to build an online e-learning platform and some of them are

  • Angular
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • Ajax
  • CSS

For front-end development, the main focus is on building UI/UX model to create an efficient online learning website

2. Back End Development

This stage focuses on structural needs for e-learning portals like

  • Server-side handling
  • Database management

You can make use of some of these technologies for back-end development like PHP, Java, .net, MySQL, Node.js

3. Integration And Tools

Apart from the technologies, you need to focus on several tools & integrations. They are easily available to embed in your online portal with the pre-set model and operational assessment. Some of the 3rd party integrations that can be utilised for your e-learning portal are

  • G-Suite
  • Slack
  • Salesforce


Talking about e-learning platforms such as On Demand Apps  like Udemy, they provide training programs and online education for people across the world. The e-learners can access different courses from the comfort of their home.

E-learning has gained popularity and it has changed the education industry to a great extent. This has also opened doors for businesses to offer online e-learning app development. Remember, the E-Learning Web Application Development as On Demand Apps is highly competitive, and to excel you need to have exceptional features integrated into your portal to offer a unique learning experience.

If you wish to build an on demand elearning app development portal like Udemy to cater to the learning needs of people across the world, Apps on Demand or E-learning Mobile App Solution helps you get a customised solution to offer comprehensive e-learning solutions.

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