Launch your Online Taxi/Cab Booking Business similar to Uber Taxi

Launch your Online Taxi/Cab Booking Business similar to Uber Taxi

The success of Uber has inspired a lot of people to start a taxi booking business and clone a mobile app like Uber.

If you are thinking about starting your online taxi-booking business just like Uber did then this blog will help you follow the right steps to reach your goal. For this, you need to understand the Online cab Booking App Development process that Uber has adopted.

Fundamental Features – Rider’s App

1. Registration And Profile Management

Both profile management and user registrations are crucial features to be considered in online taxi booking apps. It will help you get a fair idea of the user base. Today, user registration can be done through Gmail and Facebook.

The user profile needs basic information like name, phone number, and photo. Also, the app should have a rating/review system. 

2. Geolocation & Routing

Geolocation is one of the vital features that should be taken into account during the Online Taxi Booking App Development process even if you want an app like Uber.

To capture the exact user’s location, the geolocation feature is important throughout the ride-booking process. To integrate this feature GPS technology is utilized.

Well, it is quite easy for a rider to pin the location on a map to search for nearby drivers. But, the development process involved in this technology is quite complex.

3. Integration Of Payment Method

As online payments are the preferred mode of payment these days, Uber also promotes cashless payments. This feature is used as the basic payment mode for any taxi booking app.

Uber has a fare calculator for users that offers the genuine fare for users’ rides. It is based on 4 different factors

  • Cost per mile
  • Base fare
  • Safe rides fee
  • Cost per minute

While integrating the payment method during the taxi booking mobile app development process you need to do it carefully to make sure the users’ financial information remains secure.

To process the payment done through credit card, the payment system should match PCI compliance. On the other hand, you can choose payment gateway providers offering PCI compliance solutions like Stripe or Braintree.

4. Estimate For Ride Cost

The feature helps the riders get an approx price of the ride solely based on pick-up and drop-off locations.

The calculation is done with the help of an algorithm embedded within the app. Multiple fares need to be mentioned in case the platform offers different vehicles for booking.

5. Communication And Notifications

When it comes to communication, you cannot compromise on this aspect. A taxi app like Uber also firmly believes in flawless communication.

Uber allows its users to call or text while remaining in the app to make the communication seamless. Still, to keep riders and drivers on the same page, Uber sends out an email, push notification, or SMS during different stages of the ride-booking process.

Apple Push Notification service is utilized to enable push notification for iOS platforms whereas Firebase Cloud Messaging service is used for Android platforms.The integration of SMS notifications is possible through APIs like Nexmo, Plivo, etc

6. Advance Scheduling Of A Ride

Scheduling a ride is the latest feature integrated by Uber a couple of years ago. The features help the users to book a ride 15-30 minutes ahead of the schedule.

The feature offers amazing flexibility for the users to plan their rides ahead of their plan.

Advanced Feature - Rider’s App

Fare Splitting

Division of fare is not an essential feature but you can include it to make your taxi booking app impressive. When integrated during the Online Cab Booking App Development process, this feature helps friends and co-passengers split the total fare incurred for the ride among themselves.

Fundamental Features - Driver’s App


1. Advanced Route Building

It enables route building and offers excellent performance in a taxi booking app development services. It allows optimization of the routes that directly increases the driver’s efficiency. It helps offer better service to the customers and gains popularity for the app.

2. Driver Report

It is a vital feature from the rider’s and driver’s point of view. You will get the details for a week/month on the driver’s style and how he follows the traffic rules. In case the driver is found to drive recklessly or has committed driving offenses, the app can ban the driver.

3. Driver Destinations


The feature is gaining popularity in cab booking apps like Uber as it improves the overall experience of the driver. Hence, this feature shouldn’t be overlooked during Online Cab Booking App Development in Mobile App Development.This feature helps drivers to pick their favorite location and search for passengers who wish to travel in that particular location.

Advanced Feature - Driver’s App

Heat Maps

It is one of the handy features available for drivers. It is meant for drivers who wish to utilize most of the time in hand. 

Finally, the admin panel in a cab booking app gives you a clear idea of your business operations and enables you to manage user data and payrolls effectively.


Well, Uber is one of the most successful On Demand Apps for booking a cab/taxi at your convenience. Still, there is a chance for new start-ups to enter the online taxi booking business and clone the app idea of Uber to gain success.

So, if you think you want to take your taxi booking business to the next level to match the changing market then look no further to contact Apps on Demand that can help you clone the online taxi booking app like Uber and customize it to match your vision.

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