Right Procedure For A Beauty Services App Like SalonAppy Development

Right Procedure For A Beauty Services App Like SalonAppy Development

You may have heard about beauty apps like Uber which is an app that caters to the needs of on-demand makeup. To access this online salon booking mobile app, users need to

  • Register on app,
  • Check for the slot available
  • Book an appoint
  • Access the services

The app helps the customers avail preferred beauty treatments at their convenient place and time.

Market Statistics of Beauty Industry

According to the predictions, the beauty and wellness sector is expected to become worth trillion-dollar niche.

The present growth in revenue is around $532 billion and it is expected to reach $716.6 billion in the future. So, the annual growth rate is 5% which reflects the success of this industry.

According to the stats and reports, the spa & beauty salon market is likely to go beyond $190.81 billion by 2024.

Looking at these stats, you may have got an idea of how this niche is going to boom in the coming years. So, if you are looking to explore opportunities in this industry, you can have your online salon booking mobile app to help customers avail beauty and wellness services. This blog will help you understand the salon booking app development, its benefits, and how you can build a popular salon app like SalonAppy.

Benefits of On-Demand Salon Appointment Booking Solution For Beauty Businesses

  • Help boost the count of working professionals and customers
  • Accelerate the chances of repeat customers
  • Help automate salon processes to save time for customers and salons.
  • Help salons to offer related services and improve customer loyalty
  • Equip salons to send push notifications, reminders, promotional offers, and advertisement
  • The app helps salons remain available round the clock


Business Models for Salon booking app development

Certainly, an on-demand salon booking app helps customers to book the beauty services of their choice at their convenient time. It eliminates the need to rush into the salon to make an appointment.

If you are planning to build a beauty salon app, you can choose from different types of apps. Once you choose the right type of app, you can go ahead and choose the right business model that you wish to implement.

Different types of beauty salon applications to choose from

  • Beauty products delivery app
  • Beauty salon app for booking an appointment
  • App for Salon services at the doorstep
  • App for Wellness
  • App to hire beauty professionals
  • Beauty & wellness services app.

Business models

1. Independent Beauty Service Business Model


In case you have an established beauty salon and want to expand the existing business, this model would be the ideal choice. This app showcases the following

  • Pictures of your services
  • Service catalog
  • Price range

Here, there will be no middleman in your business. You will be managing everything solely right from interacting with customers to handling the bookings.

Aggregator beauty service business model

This model helps you tie up individual salons, hairdressers and beauticians and connect them through your app.

You will have the service providers on our app and you can provide different services to the customers. You will earn a commission for every booking made through your app.

How To Monetize Your Beauty Salon Online Booking App?

The growing demand for online salon booking mobile apps made a lot of popular brands switch to the online mode of functioning. Some of these brands like to make their services available on multiple platforms. On the other hand, some brands prefer the platforms for promoting their brand. Well, you can choose both methods to monetize your app.

1. Advertising

You can go with the most popular method of making money that is through - In-app advertising. It will help service providers make use of your app to represent their service or product ads.

2. Feature Listing

Well, you can earn some extra money from beauty service providers willing to portray their services or products and gain visibility. With feature listing, the service provider gets its name highlighted and it helps you earn extra bucks through the fees charged for featured listing on your platform.

3. Commission

Well, when several service providers connect with the customers under one roof through your app, you can just charge a commission to use your app. You can charge the commission on a yearly or monthly basis for every order placed through your app.

4. E-Store

This method for monetization helps you include multiple beauty products and let your customers buy the products directly from your app.

After you have learned how to monetize your on-demand beauty salon online booking app, let us learn the features and functions to be integrated into your App.

Features and Functionalities To Include In Your On-Demand Beauty Salon App

Undoubtedly, prominent features and functionalities make your app successful along with essential factors. So, you cannot afford to overlook the vital features & functionalities during salon booking app development. Let us have a look at features for different screens like the Customers screen, Salon Owner’s screen, Admin panel and Product Owner’s screen. The features to be included in these respective screens are :


  • User registration
  • Smart filter
  • User Profile
  • Smart search
  • Appointment bookings
  • Subscription & packages
  • Fashion & beauty blogs
  • Payment & checkout
  • Appointment history
  • Schedule appointments
  • Product order history
  • Rate & Review Product/services
  • Reschedule & reorder products/services


Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Salon Management
  • User Management
  • Payment Management
  • Beauty Professionals Management
  • Offers/Coupon Code Management
  • Marketing Channels Management


Product Owner

  • Profile set up
  • Catalog management
  • Product add/remove
  • Accept/Reject order
  • Video/Image upload


Salon Owner

  • Profile set up
  • Assign beautician
  • Accept/Reject order
  • Payment history
  • Schedule history
  • In-app chat


What Would Be The Salon Booking App Development Cost?

If you are planning to invest in a salon appointment booking solution, it is quite economical as it comes with good returns. An app helps you generate revenue for your business. So, investing in an on-demand beauty salon app is worth the investment. Well, the approximate price for salon booking app development, depends on different elements like :

  • Platform you choose
  • Technology stack used
  • Location of the Salon app development company
  • The complexity of the project
  • Project design and many more

Well, the final salon booking app development cost will change if you plan to integrate 3rd party libraries. Also, if you plan to integrate advanced features like in-app navigation, payment wallets, the cost will increase with these integrations.

Team Required for Salon booking app development

To get a completely functional and feature-rich on-demand beauty service app, you need an expert team of :

  • Developers
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX designers
  • Testers etc

It is not easy to find an experienced team of tech professionals with relevant expertise. So, if you want to connect with a dependable salon app development company, Apps on Demand can assist you to build your salon booking app. We help you include the right integrations and prominent features into your app. We also help you develop a white-label beauty salon app to start a beauty service business with confidence. Get in touch with us to get a free quote for your salon mobile app development company project.


Hope the information given in this blog helps you develop an efficient salon app like SalonAppy. Make sure you do not miss out on the essential features to make your app scalable.


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