Over time, you might have been in a situation where you waited for the guy to come towards you first, and that never happened. So, you go home wondering how differently your night might have turned out if only you approached him. Or you once took the bold step as a lady to approach a guy and got publicly turned down, therefore deciding you'll never do that again. It may be that you are like so many others, who are sitting right now thinking about if they should either send that first message, call or even start a conversation with a guy they like.

It sometimes feels like an unspoken dating rule that women should never make the first move. But making that first move might just be the difference between getting the guy or not. To understand if women should make the first move, we also need to understand the pros and cons of taking that step. Here are my dating tips for women considering taking that first step.


1.      Often, men are hesitant to make certain moves not because they don't want to but because they fear rejection. No one likes rejection. So, in an instance, when a guy is struggling with the dilemma of grabbing a kiss, a lady who makes the first move is much appreciated. It all brings relief to that situation. This is my first dating advice.

2.      Sometimes the perfect match may be right in front of a guy, and he won't know it. Which is why, if you have a secret crush on a man, ladies you can make simple igniting moves. Tell him how you feel, and be just might realize that the feeling is mutual.

3.      Not all men enjoy the chase. Sometimes, it's easier to steal a kiss, open up arms for a hug to show interest, which springs forth further action from the guy. In the case of online dating, send that first message. For more online dating options and alternatives check review here.


1.  Being too assertive can be a turn-off. It is one thing to make the first move and bring relief to the situation. It is another thing to make a move repeatedly that is not mutual. Be careful not to be overbearing.

2.  Some men still believe that the dating rules remain that the guy makes the first move. For such a person, a lady coming up first would be a total turn-off.

3.  Riding along doesn't signify interest. For some guys, it's easier to go with the flow than to say no. In that instance, if the lady makes the first move, the guy flows with it. Nevertheless, this may not mean he is necessarily interested.


There are several advantages for a lady who makes the first move; she rids herself of the waiting anxiety, develops boldness, defines what exactly she wants. But there are also disadvantages to consider. So, my dating advice is that as a lady, study your man before you make that first move. As not all man are the same and not all situations require the same response.

Published by Eva Longers

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