What To Wear To A Winery

What To Wear To A Winery

Sep 1, 2021, 8:38:15 AM Life and Styles

Wine tasting 🍷! The best time to unwind in the nub of luscious wine with beautiful vineyard surroundings! It always makes for a good time with perfect people, weather, and breathtaking views surrounding you. So why not treat yourself to a wine tasting trip. 


While planning a wine tasting trip, wondering what to wear? We got ya! It's good to be familiar with wine tasting etiquette and all-important do's and don'ts, but knowing what's appropriate to wear to a winery is equally important.  


It doesn't matter if you are attending a special celebration or just relaxing over rosé (a type of wine) with your bestie; keep outfit principles in mind. Strike a balance between casual and dressy by getting attires from trendy women's clothing and look cute and stylish but not too fancy! 

Bonny Outfit Ideas for Wine Tasting  

Decoding 'Wine Country Casual'

 There is no standard definition for this rather indefinite term, but we can say that "Wine Country Casual" is between casual resort attire and business casual attire. For women, blouses, skirts, and sundresses fall into this category as white jeans with wedges. Of course, a long-sleeve button-down shirt with dressier shorts and booties are rocking too. 

Ladies, Find a Middle Ground  


We often worry about being over or underdressed. Right? Strike a balance. Use your style to express yourself, and by knowing that, you will stay mostly indoors and out in a variety of settings during wine tasting. 

  • Blue denim with a variety of western tops for womens and wedges look effortless and modern. 
  • A jean jacket with embroidery dress and cowboy boots look country chic. 

Still not sure? Bring a pair of shoes, fancy earrings and a scarf along with you. Once you reach your destination, you can use it to dress up or down, depending on how you feel. If your plan is to go straight to a fancy starred restaurant, wear something dressed up. 


Wisely Opt for Enchanting Colors and Prints 


Bring on some interest by opting for prints and stunning color as your wine tasting outfit. Coordinate with your friends as you will be out of place if you show up in a sundress and your friends are all in jeans. It's always good to make sure you are on the same page of style. There is nothing wrong with expressing your style. 


Swap out the solid color with a print and instead of a simple dress, go for one with stripes. We have a pretty set of rompers and jumpsuits that you can don easily on your wine tasting day. This off-shoulder front tie pattern of the jumpsuit is the perfect summer style trend to try out. 

Wrap Up Yourself in Style


Vineyards mostly have outdoor courtyards, so guests enjoy beautiful scenery, and that makes sure you are well dressed for the outdoors, keeping your comfort as a styling key. Of course, the locality and time of year you are visiting will impact your dressing style, but it's safe to go and plan for warm and sunshine weather in case there aren't umbrellas. 


Layers are essential when wine tasting tours sometimes take place in cooler spaces like caves and barrel rooms, and the winds are notoriously cold. So pack all the jewelry, hats, and sunglasses from online boutique USA and opt for clothes in comfortable and breathable materials.


Also, if your attire is simple, you can enhance style by adding a cute denim jacket or floral blazer, or kimono to it. Make sure it's not too bulky, and you can freely move around. 


Dressy is Better Than Casual


Leggings and flip flops? Oh, girl, skip it! Wineries and wine tasting events are casual these days and don't require you to follow certain rules. So it's a good idea to put some thought into your outfit and get dressed up to show respect and look your best. In short, dress for the occasion. 


It doesn't mean you need to put on heels and dress or a suit and tie to get ready for wine day. A nice floral dress with a pair of sandals or dark wash denim with a polo shirt is all you need to look great in most wineries. Add your touch by opting for something different than usual: this fringe tank top from a trendy women’s clothing and style it with high-heeled boots for girls. A denim jacket or blazer on hand if the weather calls for it. Good to go, ladies! 

Low Maintenance Comfort Should be your Desire 


Dressing for the winery doesn't mean you need to wear shoes or booties that hurt your toes and a jacket that makes you feel overheated. It's essential to stay comfortable while sipping wines and exploring vineyards. Here are some tips to stay relaxed and still look your best:

  • Opt for hands-free or small handbags. 
  • Go for a lightweight jacket
  • Bring a pair of sunnies
  • Skip heavy makeup. Keep it natural. 
  • Go for comfortable shoes from a women's western wear boutique.
  • Style your hair out of your face. 

Wrapping up:


It's a good reason to dress up whether you are a wine lover or simply want to enjoy the scenery. These are the best winery outfit ideas you can have from trendy online boutique, along with certain tips to keep in mind. Here we have ensured that you are well prepared for any wine tasting events.

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