Funeral Directors Play an Important Part in Orchestrating Ceremonies

Occasions in life are marked by ceremonies. They are milestones to remember. From birthdays to weddings to anniversaries, each event has an appropriate ceremony. The last and final ceremony that the concerned person is not alive to witness or participate in, is his own funeral. The final send off should be a momentously decorous, a tribute and a fond farewell to one you loved so dearly.

The Role of Funeral Directors:

If and when the occasions arise when a loved one passes on, it is left to you to organize the funeral. With so many things to attend and people to interact with, you may find things just a little bit beyond you. This is where you will find services of competent and licensed funeral directors invaluable in organizing and conducting the ceremonies to perfection.

Here is what funeral directors will do for you:

  • They will discuss in detail all the funeral arrangements as per your wishes and those of the deceased   according to your budget.
  • They prepare and file certificates, permits and authorizations as necessary as well as obtain the death certificate.
  • They take care of transferring the deceased to the funeral home for sanitary washing, embalming, restoration, dressing, hair dressing, make up and laying the body in the casket.
  • Funeral directors help in the selection of clergy for the ceremony and make arrangements with the cemetery, coffin, casket the headstone and all the related details.
  •  Some will even accept donations to be given to charity and will make suitable arrangements.
  • They take care of details such as funeral cards, folders, register books,music and flower arrangements and also  notify friends and relatives. 
  • Transportation is arranged if so desired.
  • Some funeral directors may assist with social security benefits and counseling.
  • Post funeral services may include matters such as obituary cards. If a cremation has taken place they will help with scattering of the ashes, preserving some in a suitable urn and even repatriation to another location.

Importance of Funeral Directors:

Funeral directors serve a vital function and can be deemed to be indispensable. Every one is not capable of handling everything from legal compliance to washing and dressing up the body to cemetery arrangements and memorial services. With experience and knowledge, they can handle everything with practiced ease and ensure that ceremonies proceed smoothly. They are there before the actual ceremonies take place, during the ceremonies and afterwards too.

Most funerals are community affairs unless desired otherwise by the deceased and family members. There are also legal matters involved such as obtaining the death certificate and filing forms that need to be taken care of in addition to make sure people who attend find it a smooth affair. The ceremonies are important and funeral directors ensure that these are as perfect as possible as a tribute to the one who passed away and to satisfy expectations of family, friends and community members.

Like weddings, funeral services can be expensive and quality of services vary from one funeral to another. You may be tempted to settle on the first one available and get it over with. However, sparing some time to consider not only costs involved but also quality of services will give you greater satisfaction. After all, it is the last thing you will be doing for someone close to you. Even if it means spending a bit more, it is worth considering funeral directors who will handle the entire proceedings with expertise and make it a grand event you will remember and one that the soul of the departed will cherish.

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