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Eve (Tooby) Sanders. At just 20 years old, Tooby is a keen adventurer who strives to pursue the wackiest adventure ideas. Tooby currently studies for a degree in marine biology and oceanography at the University of Plymouth, in Devon.

Tooby grew up in Devon. Her love for nature and outdoor adventures has led her to many amazing experiences and has given her the determination to pursue many more adventures in the future.

Tooby has been on many expeditions in the past including riding a motor bike to Africa and back and summiting a peak in the Himalayas. Some of her craziest experiences include the time she nearly urinated on a crocodile in Tanzania (yep.. that happened!) and when she completed a 80m canyon fall in South Africa, just because someone said they would buy her a beer if she completed it without screaming (which she achieved!) You can follow Tooby's adventures via her blog and website:

Thankyou for reading. If you should wish to contact Tooby, please visit the 'contact me' page on her website.


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