Few Things To Look For In A Real Estate Lawyer

Few Things To Look For In A Real Estate Lawyer

Nov 22, 2018, 3:46:04 AM Opinion

Lake Charles, Louisiana, has amazing and breathtaking business real estates. So, if you are looking to sell or buy specifically for commercial real estate Lake Charles la then there are a few key things to look for in your real estate lawyer. A real estate attorney will handle the transaction, therefore, it needs to be someone who will have your best interest in mind. When searching and deciding on an attorney, here are something to keep in mind while making the interviewing rounds.


Experience & Versatility


Experience should always be the first thing to ask an attorney because you need someone who knows what they are doing and having been doing it for years. When meeting with an attorney for your first consultation, inquire about their schooling. You can always take the information and do research if you’ve never heard of the school. Asking the lawyer if they have expertise in handling your case should be a follow-up question. You want to ensure that they can tackle any problems that may come up.


With experience, there should come versatility. Real estate cases have a long spectrum and your case can be on either side. Seeking an attorney that has experience with more than just real estate can be beneficial to you. For example, if there is a family law case in the mix - the commercial real estate, couples own the same building, but now the property needs a sole owner – then the lawyer can tackle the real estate portion and separation matter. This way you have one person that you’ve put your trust in to handle both matters for you.


Level of Service & Value


Level of service means how responsive they are to you. If you first meet the lawyer and have follow-up questions, but they take a week to get back to you, there may be a slight problem. Communication is key with any case that you put on a lawyers desk to represent you. When a lawyer fails to respond to you in a timely manner this can cause miscommunication when it comes to your case. You may have to call several times to get an update.


The level of service and value go hand in hand. Remember that you need someone that has your best interest in mind when handling your case. Value can mean the cost, knowing every move that happens, or if the case becomes too complex. This is especially true when searching around for commercial real estate Lake Charles la because commercial property can be drawn out if there is a previous owner that is in debt or goes back and forth about relinquishing the property. Understanding the value you want to place in the case and knowing which is a priority will guide you with this when making a decision on a real estate lawyer.


Local Familiarity


Having someone that has been in town for more than 6 months is ideal. If the lawyer has been in town for over a decade it is even more ideal. Real estate regardless of the specific matter is normally locally based You want an attorney that understands the pricing of properties, taxes that are implemented, and zoning ordinances that need to be followed. An attorney that is not familiar with the area will charge you more because they will need to do extra research in order to accurately take on your case. Make sure to ask how long they have been in the area before making a final decision

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