How Music Is Affecting the Brain

How Music Is Affecting the Brain

Aug 11, 2018, 3:15:43 AM Entertainment

The healing power of sound is more than what we think of. It is evident that too much sound makes a noise but a sound that is untouched by the chaos has some power in it through which it soothes our soul. People walk the path of life through several crests and troughs to reach a destination they have set for themselves.

Some become successful in getting hold of it and some get lost in the journey of life. The healing of these lost souls takes time and thus finds several ways to get back on a life where positivity takes over the sadness. In the due course of life, the support we get in minute details, speaks volume about our aspects of living life.

And one of these supports is the healing effect that music puts on our brain. It gradually takes out a person from stresses or depression like mental conditions and helps him or her to heal in that situation. It almost works like a meditation effect on our brain in calming it to necessary levels.

Why music possess such power in healing our mental traumas?

Well, to be precise, the music that heals us forms a connection with our soul and thus used as a therapy to treat us in our difficult times. When the sound healing experts start implementing this process to improve the human brain conditions, they first choose those sounds that they connect with instantly.

For example, it may be the voiceover of your favorite person or a song that you like the most. When people listen to such sounds, the nerves connecting to the brain automatically starts sending positive vibes to it and hence create a refreshing mood of the one who is suffering from mental health issues.

The power of music has prevailed in our ancient times also where our ancestors used to include the prayer chants or Christian hymns as a form of calming people down and today we see all these techniques to be a bit modernized with passing times. Also, the human brain connects to the soothing melodies very swiftly and thereby reacts in a positive manner.

When you are performing meditation or yoga you can always put up some kind of music to relieve your mind of the stress of everyday life. And due to this functionality of any form of music, it is believed to possess a much higher power in treating patients with mental illness.

The final take

The brain chemicals in our brain are boosted by listening to a form of music that we prefer to listen. Other than lifting our mood, listening to music always paves way for the formation of certain brain chemicals that allow us to think and act positively in difficult situations too. Dopamine, a brain chemical which is also known as the ‘motivation molecule’ of our brain increases when we listen to music for long.

That mediates the way to better functioning of the brain muscles and builds our mental abilities by a notch higher. The effects of music on our brain has so involved researchers across the world that they have created a branch of science called neuromusicology only to enhance the studies and details related to the effect of music on the human brain. And in the walks of life, we all suffer from some or other kind of mental trauma which does not allow us to live life on a happier note.

Then we start depending on all the wrong means to deal with the difficult situations in life but fail miserably in attaining mental peace and inner solace. The form of music comes to our rescue at these phases of our lives; it not only heals us from within but also contributes towards building a better mental health that in turn changes our approach towards leading life in an efficient way.


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