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Taraji P. Henson’s 2018 Oscars outfit, caught many eyes and for all the right reasons. The actress decided to embellish her sheer revealing gown and the bold look with Roberto Coin jewellery yet again to do justice to her one in a million looks. But this isn’t the first time Roberto Coin jewellery has tied the ensemble together on such highly esteemed red carpets. Just weeks ago, Taraji herself rocked Roberto Coin Pois Moi Luna ring and bangle along with the  Sauvage Privè ring. Pop Queens like Jennifer Lopez and Jennie Garth are also in the list of celebrities flaunting the Italian brand’s art pieces with their red carpet look.

This relatively quick success in the industry is owed to the uniqueness of Roberto Coin designs and the designer himself.

But before we get into the whys of this popularity, let’s get to know the designer a little better:

Roberto Coin: More Than A Jewelry Designer


Known by many as the Robinhood, Roberto Coin has been involved in many foundations and charities. He even launches limited edition pieces to support various causes. The earnings from these launches are given away to charities. The designer is an animal lover and has several cats and dogs. Hs love is quite reflective in his animal inspired pieces including his Animal Kingdom collection. These designs range from cute to statement jewellery pieces.

Here are a few factors that play a part in the empire that the brand has established:

The Inspiring Personality

Quite recently, the brand launched their latest ad campaign with the supermodel Arizona Muse focusing on the timeless beauty and effortless style. The model, in an interview, expressed that she was glad to work for the designer again calling Roberto Coin one of the most encouraging people she has met. She also pointed out, and truly so, the jewellery is a  reflection of the respect that the designer has for women. The brand is known for finding inspiration in everything and creating pieces of beauty through it.

Traditions Merge With Modernity

Roberto Coin is a man of traditions but in the most modern way. His jewelry designs are no different either. Respecting the ancient belief that a ruby touching the skin can bring health, love, and joy in your life, Roberto Coin jewelry pieces have a ruby place as such so that it touches the wearer’s skin. This traditional belief merged with the modern and bold designs make for unforgettable and unique jewelry pieces hence making one of a kind accessories.


Not Just Regular Accessories

The brand has been known to encourage taking the path of boldness in the industry. The brand makes more than just jewelry. The make wearable art pieces redefining accessories. But that is not to say the designer is any less when it comes to fine jewelry. Creating luxury jewelry for the effortless look of the women too busy to worry about their jewelry, the fine jewelry collection of the brand are a treat to the eyes. The proud use of rose gold and dull stones to create feminine designs showcasing strength, the brand is laying down a path towards change in the industry. bringing change in the industry.      

Roberto Coin jewelry has been loved and welcomed in about 63 countries. The global presence of the brand is just another mark of success that the designer has achieved. Other than the exclusive boutiques of the brand, you can also get the designer’s jewelry pieces online from the sources that have partnered up with Roberto Coin to bring the best of his designs to a wider population.   


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