seeing beauty everywhere

How we begin or end every day is very much depending on our choices and attitude.

We have the choice to give every day the chance to be beautiful and if we care to look, there are magic moments and beauty in every ordinary day.

The world might be in a chaos right now and many of us might be facing challenges of various degree of severity in certain aspect of our lives or even some life-changing decisions, but in the midst of the mayhem, let us not lose hope. Take a breather, slow down and look around, take comfort in all things familiar and we are bound to find beauty everywhere.

Look, we can find beauty in —

sunrise (new hope, new day!)


sunset (with the end of the day it brings forth hope and anticipation for the dawning of another new day)


nature (new leaves, new shoots --- continuation of life; fauna --- the varieties of life!)


leaves (they are beautiful too in their own right)


flowers and raindrops (what can I say?!)


bountiful harvest (hope materialises)


time with family and friends (no explanation needed)


alone time (blessed moments!)


food and drinks (whee!)


reading a good book (necessary intellectual feeding)


kids' drawings (simple pleasures)


even when stuck in heavy traffic


creativity (seeing your own thoughts come into physical being --- one of my earliest pieces of upcycling creations; played with plastic bottle cut-outs wrapped in satin bias tape for the focal point)


Life truly is too short to focus only on the negative.  I do not want my everyday to be a drag and that I am always stressed out. I cannot control how people behave or how they treat me, or how things turn out to be but I can control how I respond to the situations every single time.

I remind myself often to inhale, and exhale, and see little doses of beauty everywhere. Care to join me?



Published by Evon Foo


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