New year, New adventure

So it’s 2017. it’s been about two weeks since we all sat around, discussing what 2017 would hold for each of us whilst feasting on Christmas left overs. Now I think we are all starting to settle in a bit, and we’ve started accepting the fact that 2017 isn’t really going to be all that different to 2016. Or is it? I mean at the end of the day its really up to you. Maybe your happy with how last year went, or maybe you’ve already planned your year out. Well this is a brief out line of how I hope 2017 will turn out for me.

I’m going to start with “New years’ resolutions”. Now I’ve always thought they were a waste of time, who has ever actually got to the end of the year and gone. Yes, I nailed them all this year. No one, literally no one. You may get one or two ticked off if you are lucky. The reality of it is, with social media these days it actually puts a fair bit of pressure on people to feel they do have to change themselves in some way in the new year. If you don’t, you feel you’ve failed. One of my close friends actually brought this up just before the new year and she came up with a great idea (credit: Throw the resolutions in the bin. This year I’m having a 2017 wish list. Okay I know it seems the same, but you can approach a wish list with a different attitude. I don’t have to tick everything off; it doesn’t have to be complete at the end of the year. It’s more an exercise, as long as by December I can say I have had a go at most things on the list, maybe ticked a couple off. But actually made an effort to try the things on my list I will be incredibly happy. Currently I am unsure to weather I will be publishing my list, but we will see.

Anyways, what can you expect if you follow “exploring the woods” in 2017? Like I say I’m not going to sit here and say I shall do this, and that. What I am going to do is tell you three projects I’m working towards and we can see how it turns out together.

Firstly, lets start with the travel. Currently I have a few trips planned. Monte Carlo in Feb. Orlando Florida (again) in March. Iceland in October and New York in December for New Years. I am hoping to fit in plenty more than that last minute. If anyone has any suggestions, I really want to hear it so please get in touch.

Secondly, I currently own a very good DSLR camera and a Go Pro camera. I definitely don’t use them to their full potential. So, learning how to use them more effectively and hopefully creating some interesting videos and pictures for my social media and website is definitely on my agenda for 2017. So that should be a fun new challenge.

Finally, it has been suggested to me that maybe I should create a YouTube channel, or a Vlog so to speak. I have literally no idea how to go about this. I also struggle with agreeing to have my photo taken currently so this should be interesting. I mean what can go wrong… well a lot really. But if you don’t push your boundaries now and again you find yourself standing still.

So there it is, a little insight to what I will hopefully be working towards over the next 12 months, I mean I will try and post more. I want to aim for once a week but I shan’t be kicking myself if I don’t manage that. I can promise you though. If I do anything interesting I will make sure I pass it on to you all.


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