Well not sure what happened there...

Well not sure what happened there...

Jan 29, 2018, 3:14:25 AM Life and Styles


I started 2017 with all these plans, I’m going to travel and blog and start a mini series within my blog about bike builds yada yada yada blah blah blah.

Well, in all fairness I traveled a fair bit. Romania, Monte Carlo, Florida and Santorini, I feel like somewhere missing but we will skip over that bit for now. I also started my mini series about bike builds, well I did 3 write ups. Out of like 8 I was going to do ( we did get the bike finished and to the island BTW if anyone was actually following). From there it all went down hill in terms of my online work. I left my blog until August, where I then did a write up talking about my experience white collar boxing. Then that was it for my blog for 2017, unintentionally. I kept telling myself “you really should write something” but quite frankly I was busy and wasn’t feeling it so…. I let it slide. Therefore going forward, I plan to make no plans. Well thats a lie anyone that knows me knows I have about 14 million plans. most of which highly unrealistic or require me leaving the real world and becoming hippie. BUT a mans got to dream. I’m okay with it.

Any way… when I say no plans I mean I am not putting pressure on myself to keep things updated. If I want to write I will instead of forcing it. Last year was an interesting year I met and reconnected with amazing people. Lost and lost touch with a few. This year I expect to be much of the same and frankly I can’t wait. We are not even a month in yet and it’s looking to be a great year already.

I guess I’ll stop rambling on now. For 2 reasons mainly. Firstly because I will stop making sense soon and secondly because I signed up to another fight and I’m off out training now and I know when I get back there is no way I will want to open the laptop again it’ll be food and sleep time.


To those I am making plans with at current big and small (you know who you are, I know you read this) and those I’m yet to meet and make plans with. I can’t wait, lets do this, we’re going to smash it!!

p.s I still forgot to post this when I wrote it so here it is 3 days later. Man I’m useless at this :’)


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