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Kengar returned to the village of Gesula after a long absence; his excited niece came to greet him.

It is December, 1022 YD.
Gesula, Lenyol

Kesia reached to knock at Kengar's door, a little out of breath, and the sun barely above the trees; a note under her door had informed her of her uncle's return. Her knuckles almost touched the wood when shrill shouting came from the rear of the house.
   'Don't you walk away from me!' Tàvae shouted. 'For months I have tried—'
   'Get inside!' ordered Kengar.
   Alarmed, Kesia skirted the house.
   'Can you not hear me? Do you not—'
   'I said get inside!'
   'You came outside to begin with, now you order me in?'
   Kesia rounded the corner, finding her aunt and uncle in the rear garden, Kengar pointing commandingly at the door.
   'Hello?' Kesia said meekly, cutting the binds of their argument. Both dropped their arms when they saw her, and attempted to soften their expressions.
   'I thought you would come early,' Kengar rocked slightly, considering before re-considering embracing his niece.
   'Perhaps not so early,' Kesia said in a high voice. 'Perhaps I should have returned in the day, only I heard the shouting—'
   Tàvae rubbed her face with her hands, flicking them afterward, and approached her niece. 'You caught us in a blow-out, is all, darling; just a lot of nonsense, really. Give us a kiss.' She threw an arm around Kesia and roughly drew her in, landing a big kiss on her cheek, rubbing her back forcefully, then releasing her. She grasped the end of her braid and tousled it. 'I missed you, pet.'
   Kesia blinked. 'I have begun training with Lonan.' She looked to her uncle. 'Priest Caleb insisted.'
   'Rightly so!' Kengar's bold tone did not appease his regret. 'Lonan is a man who will stand by his oath.'
   'It is good work.'
   'Carpentry is a good trade, alright.' Tàvae smiled. 'Let's have breakfast.'
   Kesia moved toward the door with her aunt. 'Yes, the work is fine, but—uncle—can I return to my weaving apprenticeship?'
   Tàvae stopped; husband and wife exchanged a glance.
   'Let's have breakfast,' Kengar echoed, gesturing to the doors.


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