Interruption - Terra Draco

Interruption - Terra Draco

Two young women begin to learn the art of energy weaving in the village of Gesula. It is a respected profession, and their tutor is accomplished in his trade.

The year is 1022 YD.

Until winter, Kengar taught both girls the essentials of their trade. Mellena had less aptitude than Kesia, and less obeisance, and Kengar tended to teach them separately. Kesia eagerly learnt the history he taught her, while Mellena hungered for practical instruction, and he catered for both with the dedication he had promised. Once fortnightly he left the village, leaving them to be instructed by his wife. Tàvae enjoyed expanding on her husband's tendency for overviews and summaries, and her fireside lessons were a welcome reprieve from the cold.

   By the first frost Kesia was capable of boosting the growth of young seedlings, and hastening the healing of small injuries; Mellena had learnt to rattle objects and create small sparks. Though minor feats, they were proud of their skills and deeply excited by her trade.
   Kengar was not a man in control of his fate, however, and was compelled to depart on the eve of Yule. He arranged for their tutelage to continue under Tàvae, intending to return by spring.
   And yet when spring arrived, Kengar did not; and so when summer was nigh, and word had come to Tàvae that Kengar could not return, Priest Caleb bid the girls select new trades. Despite swearing to stay true to one craft, there was no alternate tutor, and they were already years behind others their age—they could not continue without an occupation. Mellena elected to begin as a shepherd; Kesia chose carpentry.
   The year continued. Samhain was celebrated. Perhaps the weather hardened Mellena, or the workshop softened Kesia; perhaps their characters drew them to different paths. As it were, each began to see less of the other. It was enough to meet at the week's end with the other youths, lighting their corner of the village inn with conversation, occasionally exchanging ideas on Tàvae's lessons. Yet these too would come to a sudden end, forcing the girls to abandon their love of weaving until opportunity favoured them once more.


The adventure continues at ֎ Full chapters available for free download.


Published by F. T. Hall-Bowden


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