Short Stay

Short Stay

Kesia's uncle had long been absent from the village, consumed by work of an undisclosed nature. In leaving, he had abandoned Kesia's apprenticeship in energy weaving, which she longed to resume.

The year is 1022 YD.

Kengar had returned to Gesula only for the summer months. He had made arrangements with her new tutor so that for the duration of his stay she could resume her training in weaving. Thus she was free to spend long days with her uncle among the Stones, retiring ravenous, head aching, and happy. Mellena would join them in sessions at his house from time to time, but her new trademaster could seldom spare her. It had been a dry spring and the flock needed moving often.

The subject of the fight Kesia had stumbled upon between her uncle and aunt remained unknown, but clearly it remained unresolved, for tension lingered in their home. Tàvae spent most of her days in the library, bent over her desk with Toran by her side. Beyond the occasional griping remark about her husband, she was consumed by research, and generally acrimonious of mood.

Toran came often to Kesia's in the evening to break bread and express his frustrations. Without instruction, Toran had done his best to continue his learning in Tàvae's library. His progress with Gaeilge, the ancient tongue, was impressive. Yet her constant irritation at his novice status left him shamed and angry. Their work translating some ancient texts felt urgent; she chastised him harshly for mistakes, and was annoyed by the questions he quickly ceased to ask. Kesia felt a similar pressure from her uncle, though he had been more patient. However, the strain of their efforts brought great progress for both students in those slipping weeks.


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Published by F. T. Hall-Bowden

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