New Youtube Channel To Watch: Ralf Alla

New Youtube Channel To Watch: Ralf Alla

May 27, 2017, 3:33:40 AM Entertainment

Hello Everyone! Recently i've been off to blogging and while casually living the "good ol' relaxing days" for me i discovered a You Tube Channel which really suits everybody's taste when it comes to vlogs and stuffs. As we all know, we can make money to Youtube by just talking for a minute or even an hour may do if you can last that long in front of the camera and as the vloggers would say that having a You Tube Channel is like having a big responsibility. 

As i'm scrolling and watching  i found this channel of the You Tube Content Creator : Mr. Ralf Alla of Angeles City, Philippines now here is the catch at first you would think the content is really boring since he only have 2 videos as of now but when you finish the 2nd video you will realize that "When will this guy upload videos?" because after seeing everything you will really need to watch more. The first time i watched his videos i'm laughing like there is no tommorow, especially the dares it made me laugh so much. 



Now, of course as an avid fan of reviewing i will never let this moment slip away so i will of course show case some good and a little bit of bad points of the channel itself so let us start with: 


When i first watched the introduction i kinda predicted that the whole channel would be about those Technology, Gaming and Gadgets but i was so wrong because when he said "Random only" i find myself attracted to the channel even if it is just the random videos. 

The content he is doing is really really funny plus adding the fact that he's quirky that nade the channel boom for quite a while. 


I would say the editing is fine but of course we can always find flaws if the YTuber is new to the industry right? But in Ralf Alla's Channel you can't say that the editing is boring and the stuffs are boring because trust me you will be amazed on his intros. 


I think Ralf is a TWICE fanboy, because his opening theme is (Cheer Up) by TWICE and also Ralf might be a Kdrama Fan too, i've been hearing Cheer Up for some quite while now. 


Mr. Ralf Alla's videos are extremely funny and fun to watch with your whole family, He actually did well. Being a Content Creator is hard because you are really taking the chances, opening a YT Channel won't make you famous but wearing a YT Shirt is the best feeling on the whole wide world. Ralf's channel is a mixture of happiness and angst because of the 2 previous videos. 

But all in all this channel deserves so much appreciation and audiences from around the world. 



If you want to join the Ralf Alla Family then don't hesitate to follow, subscribe and share on the link so that you can be updated anytime anywhere. 

Ralf Alla's Public Accounts are:

Twitter: @wtfralf
Instagram: @wtfralf
Snapchat: @wtfralf 

Youtube: Ralf Alla

Be Entertaining, Be Happy! 

Yours Truly, 

Published by Faith Ayna Olpindo

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