Apr 29, 2017, 7:36:13 PM Creative

Here is the thing about guilt. There is no way around it. No way over or under it. You have to go right through it and pray you come out on the other side alive.

And that, we’re capable of doing.

Then there is the pain. The kind that demands to be felt. The kind of pain am talking about is where you feel like you’re walking with your heart outside your chest in the midst of gunfire, high waters and stormy gales. The kind of pain that immobilizes you, numbs you. Weirdly calms you too. Am talking empty, distance stares, hollow, mutilating speech and the worst kind of conflict between your heart, mind and soul. Patched, dry, seeing mirages in the sand kinda pain, until a small stream spurts from a crack on the earth, then more tears start to flow and before we know it, we’re bleeding out. But like that pain. Want it. For if you can feel pain, you can feel love.

And that, we’re capable of doing too.

Published by Faith Msl

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