Know What is Digital Marketing and Its Career Options?

Know What is Digital Marketing and Its Career Options?

Jan 4, 2022, 6:11:13 AM News

The functions of an analytics manager include generating data and information from past marketing plans, distributing collected information and data to key members of the organization, as well as presenting accurate and complete data across organizations.

Before getting into the realm of digital marketing in India, let us understand its importance. Today almost everyone lives online. With access to cheap data and affordable smartphones, the number of people using the Internet has grown exponentially around the world. This means that if companies want to connect with their potential customers, engage them, create brand awareness and sell certain products or services to them, they can easily do it through online channels.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is nothing but the process of promoting and selling products or services including market research and advertising. Integrated marketing services used to attract, engage and convert online customers are known as "digital marketing". While surfing the net you must have often seen that beautiful banner ads, videos, informative blog posts keep coming which are part of digital marketing itself. This is called Digital Marketing.

Businesses today take advantage of digital channels such as social media, search engines, email and websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Various Digital Marketing Career Options

Based on the job functions in digital marketing in India, some of the career options in digital marketing are:

Digital Marketing Manager and Web Manager: As a Digital Marketing Manager the main responsibility is to plan and control all the Digital Marketing Strategy and bring the company to the forefront of development in Digital Marketing. He has to develop strategy to drive online traffic to the company website.

Social Media Manager: As a social media manager, he/she has to capture and analyze appropriate social data/metrics, insights and best practices, depending on the company's digital marketing strategy, and then through competitive research, platform determination To work on the knowledge of creating and implementing a social media strategy. Generate, edit, publish daily content (original text, images, videos or HTML) based on a digital marketing strategy and encourage community members to take action.

Analytics Manager: The functions of an analytics manager include generating data and information from past marketing plans, distributing the collected information and data to important members of the organization, as well as presenting accurate and complete data across organizations. It plays a more important role in developing the strategy to increase the revenue of the company using data analytics management.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management- CRM) and E-mail Marketing Manager: The main responsibility as an email marketing manager is to manage the organization's email marketing campaigns and increase revenue opportunities from companies' CRM and customer database.

Copywriter: Generally the role of copywriter is most important in the digital marketing era. He is responsible for turning ideas into words for brainstorming, articles, advertisements, publications and pamphlets based on the organization's digital marketing campaigns.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Search Manager: In this model, advertisers pay a fee when they click on their ad. The PPC Search Manager is responsible for maintaining and monitoring keyword bidding, daily and monthly budgets, impression share, quality scores and other important account formats.

Search Manager / SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager: The major responsibility for a search manager / SEO manager in digital marketing is to manage all the SEO activities like keyword strategy, content strategy and link building. He is also responsible for increasing inbound organic traffic on all major search networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. To fulfill his responsibilities as SEO Manager he should have proper knowledge about Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools and Keyword Tool of Google.

Web Developer or Web Designer: Web Developer or Web Designer is responsible for the coding, design and layout of the website based on the requirements of the company. He works with project managers and other members of the development team to develop detailed documentation for both. He/she should be familiar with one of the programming languages ​​such as PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript or Ruby on Rails.

Future of digital marketing jobs:

According to a Goldman Sachs report, the scope of digital marketing careers in the Indian Internet industry is estimated to be $160 billion by 2025. Many companies are shifting their focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing. In fact, digital advertising spend is expected to reach Rs 25,000 crore in India by 2021 at a growth rate of over 10.5%.

The job market will increasingly focus on digital and technology skills, especially given the current coronavirus crisis, as it will enable them to work remotely. Thus, companies are looking for people who are skilled to handle digital marketing jobs. A recent report by Linkedin revealed that digital marketing jobs are one of the emerging careers in India because of the massive adoption of digitization in the country.

The only eligibility criteria to do digital marketing course is that you must be at least a graduate. Online courses offered by Indian universities and institutes require that Indian applicants must have completed their graduation (10+2+3) from a recognized university. As far as digital marketing courses are concerned, there is no restriction on which stream you have studied. Since digital marketing, as the name suggests, involves working with digital media, internet and technological tools. That's why it becomes very important that you should have adequate knowledge of technology. For more info about digital marketing vacancy, you should visit Employment News Paper website.

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