Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Afterburn: Chapter 05

Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Afterburn: Chapter 05

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“You’re lucky he left when he did, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now,” professional heroine Recovery Girl lectured Eijiro after healing the burn he had received from Dabi before the villain had seemingly disappeared into thin air. How that had happened, he still didn’t know, and neither did Tetsutetsu from the sound of it.

Tetsutetsu had given the report of what had happened to his superior, who called him back to base for a more in depth explanation. Tetsutetsu had protested, claiming that he needed to stick around to ensure that Eijiro was fine after the attack, but a scowl from their old school nurse had sent him running fast enough.

Eijiro had wanted to stick close and try to help the firefighters douse Dabi’s flames, but he knew better than to try and get in their way. They had enough people with water-related quirks to keep the fire contained, and it helped that he and Tetsutetsu had gotten the civilians to safety before the attack went into full burst.

Eijiro watched the burn mark on his arm fade, extremely grateful that Recovery Girl had been close by when Tetsutetsu called for backup. If he had to rely on any other healing hero, he probably wouldn’t have walked away with a brand new patch of skin, though the cost that came with it, left him leaning against the inside of the ambulance’s wall.

She had warned him that healing him with her quirk would tire him out, but he hadn’t thought it would act that fast. Tetsutetsu had sent him a text to let him know that his agency had given Eijiro the rest of the day off, an embarrassing situation given that it was only his first day, but when Recovery Girl of all people told you to go home and rest, you obeyed, no questions asked.

He had been about to text a cab to take him home, but before he could, he had gotten another text, this one from Katsuki, telling him to stay where he was until he could swing by to help him out. Eijiro had wanted to protest, but as usual, once Katsuki made his mind up about something, he didn’t let up, so Eijiro decided to do what he could, sit back and relax while he waited.

Recovery Girl had offered to take down notes on what had happened to report to Eijiro’s agency while she healed him, so he told her what had happened, and she agreed that it was out of the ordinary for a villain to just attack and then leave for no reason, especially someone like Dabi.

Even if they could have held their own against those blue flames of his, Dabi would still have been at an advantage to easily win the fight, so why he didn’t seem to even try was what confused Eijiro the most.

A police officer that had taken his statement as well tried giving possible theories as to why Dabi did what he did, but even they were dumbfounded by the end of it. Eijiro made a quip about the possibility that Dabi might have just been very, very hangry. Neither Recovery Girl nor the officer found it funny. He didn’t blame them.

“Hey shitty hair, can’t you take care of yourself for even five minutes?”

He knew he’d recognise that voice no matter where or how crowded it was. Thankfully the police had gotten curious onlookers to move along, lifting a weight off his shoulders that he wouldn’t be gawked at for failing an arrest and getting injured by it too.

“Hey Kats, thanks for coming to pick me up, but you really didn’t have to, you know,” Eijiro greeted the angry blonde as he approached, a transparent layer of combustible anger bubbling around him. His first thought was sympathetic towards whoever had gotten paired up with Katsuki when he heard the news of what had happened.

Besides anger and his overwhelming confidence, Katsuki wasn’t one to express much emotion, but one thing Eijiro had picked up over the years was that despite Katsuki’s rough exterior, he did care deeply about his friends, even if he didn’t like showing it.

“Tch, of course I did. How were you planning on getting home, dumbass? You haven’t even gotten your first salary yet.”

As much as it stung, Eijiro knew he couldn’t argue with Katsuki’s logic. He had spent most of the money he had save up to help pay for the first month’s rent, as well as food and other necessities, so a cab fare wasn’t exactly within his price range at the moment. He would have argued the same for Katsuki, but being the overachiever he was, he actually had a decent amount of money saved up before the move, unlike the rest of them.


Katsuki must have noticed the smile Eijiro was attempting to hide, judging from the way his eye twitched before he glared off to the side. “Just shut up and say thank you, damn it.”

Normally Eijiro would have corrected him by pointing out that he couldn’t both keep quiet and say something at the same time, but his friend’s heart was in the right place, so he decided to humour him.

“Yeah, thanks man. I appreciate it.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

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