Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Afterburn: Chapter 03

Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Afterburn: Chapter 03

Oct 19, 2021, 7:05:51 PM Creative

“All right! Let’s do this!” was what Eijiro originally wanted to shout out when he received his first assignment from All Might’s agency, but when he found out that it was only patrolling around the neighbourhood, he’d nearly deadpanned his forehead into the nearest wall. Luckily the internship he had in his first year with pro hero Fourth Kind had taught him not to take any job with a lax attitude. Granted, Katsuki jabbing him in the side with his elbow had helped at the time.

The two of them had been assigned to different sections of town to patrol, but when Eijiro found out that he would be working alongside someone from his school, he had barely been able to contain his excitement when he and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu had been formally introduced to each other, only to inform their assignment manager of their joint history at their old academy.

Currently the two of them were heading down main street in their full uniforms, authorised by their agency to use their quirks if they came across a situation that demanded it. Luckily that hadn’t happened, which gave the two old friends time to catch up. After about two hours of walking around, the two of them decided to grab some food and drinks, happily munching on their hamburgers as they stood outside an antique store, talking about how manly they thought some of the objects looked and how they would be able to be used during battle situations. Tetsutetsu had made a compelling argument over using a grandfather clock.

Once they were done, they discarded their trash into the nearest recycling bins, hanging onto their garbage until they found the right spot. By the time their shift ended, the two of them stretched as they made their way back to the agency, still happily chatting away about their current experiences and how excited they were to officially start their jobs as professional heroes in the future when debris blasting past them from behind caused them both to freeze in their steps.

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