Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Inked Feathered Flame: Ch 8

Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Inked Feathered Flame: Ch 8

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“Thirteen, get the kids to safety!” Mister Aizawa ordered as he stepped in front of the students. Most of them gave each other confused glances, soon realising that the newcomers weren’t students from a different school, and that they definitely weren’t there to try and train as disaster relief personnel.

Whilst most of them were still trying to figure out which direction to run in, Mister Aizawa had no hesitation on using his quirk on multiple intruders at once. Akuriru couldn’t really see Mister Aizawa’s face from his perspective but he did see his body slump forward some, as if his quirk were draining a lot more from him going up against so many opponents at once.

“Get out of here kids!” Miss Thirteen told them, flicking open the tip of her suit’s finger, creating a black hole to suck up the purple fumes that had originally let the unwanted guests inside of the facility.

Some of the students took to cheering on their instructors, until whoever the purple mist was, created a portal both in front and behind Miss Thirteen, causing her to use her quirk on herself by sucking up bits and pieces of her suit from behind. Luckily she was able to stop herself, but not before she fell, a good chunk of her suit simply gone into who knew where.

From somewhere beside him, he heard someone telling Tenya that he was their only hope of getting back to the school or to some other authority figure to inform them of their current situation. A glance to Tenya confirmed that he must have felt uneasy about leaving the rest of his class behind, but out of everyone else, his quirk would allow him to get help the fastest. With reluctance in his eyes, Tenya turned and sprinted for the same exit they had gone in through.

The portal-controlling villain made to materialise themselves in front of Tenya to try and stop him but Katsuki and Eijiro seemed to take that as their invitation to attack at once, Katsuki reaching the mist first and pinning the semi-human figure down to the floor below, his hand omitting miniature explosions to emphasise what his quirk could do.

“You try anything funny and I’ll blow your ass up so bad that they’ll be piecing you back together for weeks!”

“Oooh, that doesn’t sound very heroic,” Eijiro said, standing beside Katsuki. Akuriru was almost surprised that Katsuki didn’t tell Eijiro to go jump off a bridge for saying that, but instead found himself dumbfounded like the rest of his classmates.

Tenya seemed almost frozen in place until someone shoved him from behind, propelling him forward. Almost within the blink of an eye, he escaped to do his part whilst the rest of the students prepared to take care of matters on their end.

Akuriru didn’t feel as confident as the rest of the class looked, but he wasn’t the only one. Minoru was putting up quite a fuss from his spot between the two green-haired kids from their class. He was curious enough to ask them both if they had dyed their hair that colour, but considering how some quirks caused hair mutations, he supposed it could have been because of that, especially when he looked at Shoto. It was a definite proof point.

With Katsuki keeping the mist-person pinned, the students begun to believe that they would stand some form of a chance against the villains, that was until the mist began to swallow both Katsuki and Eijiro, and pretty soon, blobs of mist appeared next to each grouping of students, swallowing them in.

Akuriru wasn’t even certain who he was taken with until he felt solid ground beneath him. A turn to the side showed that he had been transported to a barren area alongside Mashirao Ojiro.

The two of them never really spoke much, but Mashirao was one of the students he liked the most. Neither of them got in each other’s way and mostly did their own thing. From what he had seen on the first day of school, and most of the exercises, was that Mashirao was a pretty skilled fighter, both with and without the use of his tail.

Whenever Denki thought no one was looking, he’d often try and grab onto Mashirao’s tail to cuddle it. Tsuyu had called it cute once, and Mashirao just didn’t seem to have the heart to tell Denki that he was invading his privacy a bit too much for his liking.

Locking eyes with each other, both boys nodded in acknowledgement before their attention was drawn to a portal opening before them, letting in quite a couple of villains, easily outnumbering them both.

He didn’t know about Mashirao, but personally, he considered them both completely and utterly screwed.

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