Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Inked Feathered Flame: Ch 3

Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Inked Feathered Flame: Ch 3

Aug 30, 2021, 4:01:59 PM Creative

The moment Akuriru sat down, he felt his legs wobble from the tension that had he’d felt during the test. Being lied to by a teacher on the very first day of school was definitely not something he had been expecting. Neither had anyone else by the reactions he glimpsed after their class was left to get back in their uniforms and head to their next class.

Most of the classes were pretty simple, normal high school courses. They were told that their hero classes would be later on down the road. Most of the students seemed excited, not that Akuriru didn’t feel the same, except his quirk coming into question hadn’t been the first reaction he thought he’d earn from a fellow classmate.

When he first sent in his application to gain the school’s permission for a tattoo, he thought that the principal would have simply laughed and turned his application down, but instead the next day he had gotten the permission slip. Because of his mother possessing the same quirk, she was the one that took him to the tattoo parlour that had done all hers.

Choosing his first tattoo was hard, especially since he had to take practicality in his classes and such into consideration. When his quirk first started manifesting itself, his mother let him practice with a bluebird that she got on her shoulder blade so that he could learn to control it. He loved that bluebird.

He had been five when he watched the tattoo on his mother’s shoulder blade start to move on its own. At first he thought it was her doing to try and cheer him up since it was his fifth birthday and he hadn’t shown any indication of possessing a quirk, until the bird turned its head and blinked at him. He had nearly screamed his head off.

His mother hadn’t noticed it at first, so used to using her tattoos that when he screamed and told her what happened, tears had welled up in her eyes as she hugged him and told his father the news of their son joining eighty percent of the world. He had nearly cried himself as Momo rushed over, congratulating him by hugging the air straight out of his lungs.

The bluebird had become his practice method, so much that by the time he finally got permission to get his first tattoo, the bird was nothing more than a splotch of white and blue ink, faded like a bruise on his mother’s skin. He thought of getting that same tattoo his mother had once had to try and make up for what he had done, but she stopped him, saying that he needed to be practical about it. He had wanted to protest but had to admit that she had a point. He kept his decision to get the bluebird on his eighteenth to himself. He’d keep it as a surprise to her, a silent thank you.

In the end he had decided on the tattoo that now sported itself on his skin, the black ink standing strong against his pale skin. In a way he felt proud over the fact that at the age of fifteen, he had felt the prick of a tattooing needle, something none of his classmates would be able to experience until at least two more years passed.

No one had seemed to notice the marking on his skin when they were getting dressed in their P.E. uniforms, but after they had to get dressed back into their school ones, nearly all the other boys had been all over Akuriru, asking to see the marking. One of his classmates, Denki Kaminari, had asked him to show its potential again, but Hanta Sero had stopped him, saying that it would be asking too much of a fellow classmate on the first day. Denki had seemed disappointed at first, but luckily understood and let Akuriru get back into uniform.

Now he currently sat in the lavishly furnished cafeteria with a bowl of vegetable soup, a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a glass of cranberry juice. He hadn’t wanted either option, but the student waiting behind him in the lunch line didn’t seem like they were willing to wait a little longer for him to settle on a decision, so he had rambled off the first three options his eyes spotted, which left him with his current decision.

Momo sitting down beside him nearly had him jumping out of his skin. She was well aware of his social anxiety, so she wasn’t too alarmed when he looked at her as if he had just been hit with a lightning bolt from Denki. Her eyes looked over his lunch, and with a knowing smile, she passed him a plate of a nice, round chocolate cake she had bought for herself. Akuriru thanked her by handing over his soup, knowing she could get more out of it than he would. After all, her quirk relied on using food, something his quirk didn’t need to function. That didn’t mean he didn’t envy her though. Her healthy appetite was enough to make him jealous that ever since they were kids, he would only be too glad if she shared her food with him.

She happily accepted the soup and exchanged one of the plump red cherries, knowing his fondness for them. He accepted, gently placing the small fruit against the melted chocolate covering of his cake slice, deciding to leave it as his dessert for after he finished his sandwich.

They were about to start eating when a set of shadows fell over their table. Akuriru tensed, his first thought being that they were about to get chased from the booth by upper class students intent on finding new targets. Momo must have sensed his fear, because a second later, her hand was on his thigh, gently pulling him back to reality as one of the shadows spoke.

“Hey, mind if we join you?”

Akuriru hadn’t been expecting that to be their words. Slowly lifting his gaze from beneath the table’s lid, Akuriru’s eyes fell on the speaker and her two companions. The trio consisted of Tsuyu Asui, Kyoka Jiro and their silent male companion, Koji Koda. Before he could even mutter a word, Momo already had her hand out, gesturing to the open plush seat across from them.


The three of them accepted her invitation, as well as a thick slice of cake each. Even Koji seemed like he was about to speak until he settled for bowing his head in thanks as the two girls beside him spoke their thanks. Looking at the other boy, Akuriru couldn’t help but feel a bit more at ease. At least he wasn’t the only one at the table too shy to speak.

It wasn’t long until the three girls were happily chatting away in an attempt to get to know each other whilst the two boys ate in silence, occasionally nodding their agreement or casting understanding smiles towards each other instead.

By the time lunch was over, Akuriru found himself feeling a bit disappointed. Back in middle school, he couldn’t wait for lunch to end since it meant an hour closer to going home, but now it seemed almost a shame. As they took their trays to the cleaning bin, Akuriru’s eyes met Momo’s, and he could tell that she felt the same. Even with the uneasiness he felt about the future, knowing that he now had more than just Momo to rely on, gave him a warm, comforting feeling. Perhaps high school wouldn’t be so bad.

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