Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Primal Roar: Chapter 00

Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Primal Roar: Chapter 00

Sep 26, 2021, 2:50:03 PM Creative

“What is it? What can you see?” Mitsuki Bakugo, the barbarian queen, asked as she sat forward on her knees, looking across from herself towards the old man before them. He worked as the tribe’s seer.

Sitting on her lap was her eight-month old son, Katsuki. It was tradition within their tribe to bring a child before the seer and have their future predicted.

She had originally planned on waiting until Katsuki’s first birthday, but curiosity had won her over enough to hear the seer out.

The old man waved his hands over a clay-made bowl, herbs and spices moving with. Magic they called it. She watched him, feeling her patience fade faster than it took a drop of water to fall from its perch. She was about to snap at the seer, to ensure that he heard her question, but he held up a hand to silence her. He was lucky that she wanted to hear his words, or she would have smacked his hand off to the side.

“I see greatness. Greatness indeed. And potential. Lots and lots of potential,” the man hummed, his eyes shut as his hands shivered where he held them. Mitsuki was about to toss her son into the air to celebrate before the man interrupted her. “He will, however, face trials along the way. Trials of blood, of power, love, and sacrifice.”

“W-What? What in the seven hells is that supposed to mean, huh?!” Mitsuki found herself snapping, barely reigning herself in as Katsuki let out an agreeing squeal, encouraging his mother’s outrage.

“There will be a day where the young prince will need to make decisions that will not only influence him, but those around him. Some will be accepting of his choices, others won’t.”

“Well then what’s the right decision? Tell me so that I can tell him when the time comes!”

“That I cannot do, Your Majesty. When the time comes, the prince will have to make the decision himself. All we can do until then, is simply wait.”

“But you-”

“My apologies, but I cannot say which decision is the right one,” the seer said, bowing his head apologetically. Mitsuki silently cursed to herself before she let out a sigh, understanding that even the seer couldn’t guarantee the future.

Looking down at her son, Mitsuki watched as his big, red eyes locked onto hers, a toothless grin resting on his lips. Her baby boy was going to change the world someday, and she didn’t even know how.

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