I Will Always Remember Speedpaint

I Will Always Remember Speedpaint

Have you ever lost someone or something really precious to you? Have you ever been in a situation that you could do absolutely nothing about and merely watch as it happened? I have, and its an experience that you never want to go through again, ever.

A few years ago my parents and siblings were kicked out of the house because of those on my mother's side of the family that dared to call themselves "family". Family doesn't throw each other under the bus, just in case someone didn't know. The full story is explained in this video, but disloyal and two-faced people aren't the main topic of this post right now.

The main topic is that I lost my dog, Snoepie, to someone because of them. After my parents and siblings were kicked out, my dog was basically given to someone else. I was told that the person would take good care of him, and that I could visit my Labrador whenever I went to visit my parents (since I live in a suburb and they in a town), but guess what? That "person" gave my dog to his family members without my permission or knowledge and now I'll never even get to see him again because of, you guessed it, family.

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